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i was the average happy go lucky, do what you want teenager. when roughly a year ago i contracted HPV ( human papilloma virus), a common std. that causes warts on site of contraction (the private area). at first i didnt think i just wanted to die, or find the fastest cure out there, i spent all my time online searching for natural cures, used all my money to buy oils that many say “work”. nothing truly worked, i ended up burning my private places. i was in so much pain i couldnt take it. my father a RC, carried me to church to pray. i was hopeless and i had no one else to turn to, so i turned to God. i knelt down and prayed for forgiveness from being blind to all the dangers out there and to be healed, i promised to take care of my body better than i did before. after church, we went home. for two weeks i prayed, and prayed. i talked to God in my Spare time. one day i was bathing and upon passing my hand on the infected skin, the warts began falling off! i was shocked, so shocked i had to take a moment to control my self. three days after the infection was gone! i couldnt believe it… i’m so thankful to be healed. no warts grew back since. im fully HPV FREE. i am in debt to God forever and would continue worshipping him, til the day i die. 🙂

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  1. I was notified that i had hpv but that my cells on my uterus were normal.The moment i was told that i was very terrified and scared that when i got home I burst in tears. My panic and first reaction was Dr. please tell me its not cancer because my mom died very young of hpv with uterus cancer he said dont worry but I do. I will have further testing that I leave that in GODs hands that when those reports are done I can be healed. Please keep me in prayers as I will hate and be devasted to leave my young ones without a mom like when it happen to me when i was very young. My GOD surely knows that mourning pain i carry with me from loosing my mom, grandmother, and not even knowing my dad. I have had a very sad life but I thank GOD for the blessings his giving me!!!

  2. hello…my name is silvia…am approaching 20 .I have read most of the post people have posted about being healed of general warts.I lost my virginity highschool at the age of 19.I was this person who knew God but just tried to assume he would forgive me .I had sexual relationships with four guys .the last boyfriend I had was called Stan..he was a don’t care person…we would drink and smoke together then have sex.one day.we were high and had unprotected sex .he was the first guy I ever had unprotected sex with.after a period of time .he started ignoring me and wanted us to break up on my birthday..(out of foolishness and stupidity) I started blaming God and told Him me was the cause of all my problems .I said bitter words to God and lots of other things I regret ever saying .months later after we broke up with Stan.I started noticing some warts around my private part .I went for treatment and the medicine with i was given ..burnt my private part.my parents don’t know what was the problem because i lied that it was just a growth .I am now fully dedicated to God.and I have changed my lifestyles to one that will please Him.I need your prayers to whoever that is reading this and has received their healing. I can still see warts in my private an I am praying that the lord who has healed you will visit me tonight and I shall come back here to give a testimony.in Jesus name amen.

  3. HELLO wonderful people,
    I have Good news today for you whoever reads this. I got healed from an incurable STD called HPV and a potential cancer in my throat and a lumps and slip disc and an eye abrasion. WOW that ALOT. I was not a christian. I knew there was a God and that it!!! I was a terriBLE sinner and I promised God when I became a chritian I would tell the world by any means my testimony for YOU TO GET HEALED right now!!! YES RIGHT NOW. First confess your sins to GOD so forgive all you have not forgiven. PLS!!!! it gets interesting..EXPECT A MIRACLE RIGHT NOW…then no matter what your feelings tell you or your mind or your sypmtoms believe ( your will) this WORD OF GOD..its important and His promise to ALL the sick not some but ALL…” He himself (Jesus)bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might DIE to sins and LIVE for righteousness by His (jesus) wounds we are healed”- I PETER 3: 22
    God not only healed my physically and emotionally made me righteous SO stop calling yourself a sinner. He gave me His holy spirit with a gift of miracles and healing. SO HERE goes…all you sick people I am gonna pray for you and you are gonna be healed by the power of God. Ready?…Great!…” you are healed by His stripes in the name of Jesus I PRAY AMEN”…Now remember when you believe you are healed the curse ( your germ) dies and the devil is jealous so he keeps the symptoms on you to FOOL you that you are not healed but when you take your medical test believing my prayer and his word your test shows clear. so till your test results come dont let your mind or any of your five senses fool you your test results will SHOW a miracle…AMEN…Coz you are under Gods protection. I pray another pray for you…” May the love of God touch you so powerfully RIGHT now AND FORVERMORE in Jesus name I pray AMEN”…God bless you…GOD NEVER EVER LIES…SEE FOR YOURSELF

  4. Thank you for sharing your testimony. The God we worship is merciful, loving and powerful. I am very happy for you.


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