healing miracle

i was the average happy go lucky, do what you want teenager. when roughly a year ago i contracted HPV ( human papilloma virus), a common std. that causes warts on site of contraction (the private area). at first i didnt think i just wanted to die, or find the fastest cure out there, i spent all my time online searching for natural cures, used all my money to buy oils that many say “work”. nothing truly worked, i ended up burning my private places. i was in so much pain i couldnt take it. my father a RC, carried me to church to pray. i was hopeless and i had no one else to turn to, so i turned to God. i knelt down and prayed for forgiveness from being blind to all the dangers out there and to be healed, i promised to take care of my body better than i did before. after church, we went home. for two weeks i prayed, and prayed. i talked to God in my Spare time. one day i was bathing and upon passing my hand on the infected skin, the warts began falling off! i was shocked, so shocked i had to take a moment to control my self. three days after the infection was gone! i couldnt believe it… i’m so thankful to be healed. no warts grew back since. im fully HPV FREE. i am in debt to God forever and would continue worshipping him, til the day i die. šŸ™‚

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