Healing from loose motion and high fever

My son who is 3 years old was suffering from loose motion and high fever. He was under medication but no relief came. His doctor stopped medicines and started giving injections but again my child was not fully healed, so the doctor decided to admit my son in hospital. During this time, I had a weird dream. I saw a cow with sharp horns trying to harm us. It first scared my husband, then it went to harm my son, I told the cow with strict and loud voice saying ” Don’t even think of harming my son, otherwise u see what I’ll do. (I think this confidence and boldness came b’coz of Jesus in whom I believe that He will not allow any harm to come to us).
That day I decided to fast and pray for my son, and Jesus guided me as to keep 3 days fasting and praying. Slowly my son recovered and released from hospital. See, Our GOD is not only a miracle working God but a GOD Who does WONDERS!!! . My son had very poor eating habits but when i fasted and prayed for his healing, Jesus not only healed him but gave him good appetite..

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  1. I also wanted to share my healing testimony. One night I entered my bed as usual to sleep then suddenly I developed pain abdomen which increases as time goes on. Then I also started diarrhea with pain abdomen. This continue till dawn where I feel better with medication and sleep for a while. But I wake up to continue with same complain though less severe throughout the day. In the evening I contacted one of prayer warrior through phone and told about my problem. Luckily they were having fellowship together at that time. After that talk I slept off and when I wake up I was healed of both diarrhea and pain abdomen. Thank you Jesus for your mercy and healing miracle.

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