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Dear Sir/Madam
Greeting you in Jesus Powerful name. I am a born again believer Rubbaitul Islam (Russell) my dedicated name is Joshua D. Russell serving as an Evangelist under Rev. Dr. Alfred A. Adhikary of Bethlehem Church, 17 Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh. I gave my life to Jesus the Lord. God has chosen me to serve among Muslim around the earth. Gift of God and its proper applications to the mankind with prayer and dedication make me strong enough when I experienced His love & grace in my lives. Even though living in a Muslim Majority country, it’s very difficult for me to apply, but I pray and cry out to the Lord for thirsty, sick & weary around me, immediately I pray out to reach them with Gospel to invite them into Jesus Cattle. When I am able to reach to somebody I shout to praise the Lord, giving thanks to the Lord that God is at Work. I have experienced His Spiritual Gift among people around me, those who are healing, some wonderful testimony that I have to share, that How beautiful God is and His work. God open the eyes of my heart to see His beauty that He is at work, even right now and forevermore. Jesus heals and alive for those who believe.
For your kind information, I am working as an evangelist & also an Administrator of Bethlehem Church & School under Rev. Dr. Alfred A. Adhikary ( Senior Pastor) of Bethlehem Church , 17 Jamal Khan Road , Chittagong, Bangladesh . My mission and vision to serve among Muslim around the world and to reach sick & weary with the Gospel, to reach them by the Gift of God, and to invite them into the cattle of Jesus Christ.

I shall highly be blessed to link with you as a servant of God’s Kingdom and ministry worldwide to glorify Him by my dedication and Humbleness unto Jesus. I shall also be blessed to join your prayer consultation, thus to open all doors before me to preach the Gospel with the Gift of God where I can share my testimony and many hungry souls may be saved and I can serve more effectively in God’s business to rejoice in His name.
May God bless you.

Sincerely/truly yours
Rubbaitul Islam Russell( Joshua D. Russell- Dedicated name)
Date of Birth: 24th- Oct-1977
Current Holding Passport Number: Q0448773
In Care of Rev. Dr. Alfred A. Adhikary
Mailing Address: Room No- 506(5th Floor)
Lawyer Annex Building , Court Hill, Chittagong-4000 , Bangladesh
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell: +88 0191 5634493

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam, Brothers & Sister in Christ

    Greeting you all in Jesus Holy Name. I am Joshua D. Russell a regular member of Bethlehem Church, 17 Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh on behalf of Church Member & our Pastor Rev. Dr. Alfred A. Adhikary writing this petition to you all and all Christian leaders around the world to have your kind attention to our Church & Christian movement in Bangladesh. Rev. Alfred has been serving this Church from last 34 years, he is 62 years old a senior leader and a God fearing devoted leaders representing as a servant of God to preach Gospel throughout this national & International Ministry, by his Spiritual leadership thousands soul were saved and he has been playing a good role in God’s business in the extension of His Kingdom in this Muslim nation, I am also one of them blessed under his ministry and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior finally I am saved along with my family from Muslim background. He is one of the key spiritual leaders, who is doing tremendous job in God’s business.
    Please kindly be noted that Bethlehem Church is a member Church of Bangladesh Assemblies of God Church B.A.G. It was grown and established by our former Chairman Rev. Asa M. Kain now the senior Pastor of Dhaka A.G. Church. Many branch Churches and more than hundreds minister serving under Rev. Alfred. Now He has a vision to make a Multistoried Church Complex to extend His Ministry in Chittagong which would be the first Multistoried Christian project in Bangladesh. This project was approved by the B.A.G. during the tenure of Rev. Asa M. Kain the former Chairman. Accordingly Rev. Adhikary was appointed as a representative to complete the project. Even present Chairman Rev. Jonathan Letu Munshi and executive body also approved the project and appointed Rev. Adhikary as a representative of B.A.G. Rev. Adhikary him-self served as a General Secretary of B. A. G. for 25 years. Accordingly Rev. Adhikary made a registered agreement with a Construction company to build the project.
    Unfortunately Chairman started to deny continuing with the project, but Rev. Adhikary and his Church was determined to move forward with his vision. Now Chairman sent a notice to Pastor Adhikary to stop the project and change the name of the Church that is Bethlehem A.G. Church instead of Bethlehem Church. Our Pastor never denies changing the Church according to B.A.G. instruction but he has objection against the first notice to stop the project. Because before that a registered agreement were already done and Construction Company prepared and invested to star the project immediately. Pastor Adhikary pleads to the Chairman to work together to work for the project for the Glory of God and also mentioned if necessary to change anything in the agreement to be needed to continue with the project. Considering nothing B.A.G. Chairman stood on his own decision.
    For your kind information please kindly be also note that Bethlehem Church is a self propaganding, self supporting and Independent organized Church under fellowship of B.A.G. Pastor Adhikary maintained all rules according to B.A.G. constitution to move forward with his vision, this only because of the land belongs to B.A.G. According to B.A.G. Constitution B.A.G. cannot interfere, but they can suggest under intimation of the Church members. Even they B.A.G. have no authority to unorganized an organized Church. Two thirds majority of the Church can take a decision to change Pastor also. Church belongs to B.A.G. we also the part of B.A.G. I don’t understand why Chairman of B.A.G. took that action against our Church to capture the Land. Our Pastor has a vision, but our Chairman without a vision, only clash of interest which made us divided by the Chairman.
    But B.A.G. Chairman came to the Church and called a meeting with the Church member and unfortunately declared that they took decision before the day of the meeting that Bethlehem Church was unorganized by B.A.G. transferred the pastor to a Boys Hostel in Khulna a southern district of Bangladesh as a Warden and withdrawn His Ordination by B.A.G.
    We along with the Church member were astonished to listen these few words and action was taken by the B.A.G. to our Pastor. We strongly disagreed with decision of B.A.G. where B.A.G. can never interfere directly with our Church. According the Bible Pastor went to the first person to make a request to the Chairman to consider his decision, than second person to third persona finally many Christian leaders to solve the problem of our Church. But Chairman Regret all request was made by many Christian leaders. His only aim was only to remove Pastor from His position to destroy his carrier in his very old age, where he has given his everything to establish a strong Ministry in Bangladesh to glorify the Lord alone.
    Finding no other alternative, under intimation with many Christian leaders and Church we filed a case to the Court restraining the order/notice by the Chairman to the Pastor alone. High Court already gave an order of Injunction to removing the Pastor from His position. Meanwhile Appellate Division gave a stay order to operate Bank and other operation but still stayed the transfer order, that means which is still pending by the court.
    However as a believer we believe that court can not give us the solution, solution can only come from the Lord. Lord can give us His wisdom, to find a solution to establish peace among us.

    On the other hand Chairman started to persecute our Pastor and Church members those who are majority and gave their support to Pastor. Many times chairman attacked the Church with his some own people even some of them are pastor who are serving under his ministry some are Muslim. This true history was continuing from last one year to still now. Chairman has been trying to remove pour pastor anyhow just only to complete his mission of clash of interest. In the last B.A.G. execution election there was something terrible happened , that are present committee was trying purchase vote by spending money and offering many gift to the voters like, Mobile Phone, television, Refrigerator, housing facilities and many others. On that pre- election meeting Pastor Alfred any many others played a role to stop that malpractice to avoid unavoidable circumstances and he gave speech to the ordinance on that meeting. Unfortunately this committee was elected finally by their own method and removed all those who were opposed on that meeting now our Pastor Rev. Alfred is the final one who is in their target list, just like a secular politics of Bangladesh.

    Very soon 10th Sep instant Chairman came to the Church with his gang stars to remove the Pastor family from the Church Compound and also to remove all members who has been supporting our pastor. Please also note that we have 115 regular members of our Church more that 95 members are with the Pastor Alfred, remaining members took a part with B.A.G. Finding no chance to play the game of removing the plaintiff church they gather together with some Muslim people also to fight against us in absence of our Pastor, presently Pastor Alfred Visiting Jerusalem and he has a trip to US, he will be in traveling up to- one and half months. To day is the EID day in Bangladesh and day off. Unfortunately Chairman attacked the Church in the evening with his fellows and with some Muslim people started to beat up with stick, rod, hands and legs to Pastor’s family, his wife, two daughters his only son and many of our sisters & brothers who are living in Church Compound in our Hostel, some of our brother were also severely injured altogether 20 people were attacked by them and injured also got admitted in hospital for medical treatment. The full action was taken place in the presence of the Chairman itself including vice chairman of Bangladesh Assemblies of God (B.A.G.). Both lead their follows and some outsider to beat-up male first to make others to be scared. Whole Church are scared at this moment, our Pastor teach us to always to keep in patience even still now, but we are persecuted by our some so called leaders even by Muslim. We are really tired and worried for our future Christian growth and movement in Bangladesh. Here the police Authority are also silence excused because of our internal matter but we don’t know why?
    Whatever is happening in our Church are by the power of interest and arms (Body). I am also targeted by them in their removal list. They already influenced some Muslim extremist against me event they gave a report to an Islamic TV Channel that Islamic TV, that I became a Christian from Muslim, for that reason I along with my family has been persecuting by extremist and by the Channel, this action against me by our Christian only because I gave my support to my Pastor. Now considering the present situation the Life of our Pastor, and his fellows even my life are under threatened by them and by the Islamic extremist. I along with many others scared to attend the Church. To day evening it was a terrible attacked by them in our Church? We have 1200 students are studying in our school; students are shocked theses things were happened since last 1977. Guardians also observing and experiencing our deeds. What we should do and what we are doing right now, what we will teach others to invite into the cattle of Jesus. I am very sorry and sad to day. But in these entire things I as a born again believer have been stronger by faith to remain firm till to the age to come. In all these things I am blessed and experienced His beauty, love and care in my lives.
    Last 10th Sep-2010 Chairman of B.A.G. attacked the Church with his some people and Non-Christian (Muslim) terrorist to capture. Pastor traveling USA, in the mean time they attacked the Church in the time of Eid holyday. From 10 to 12 of Sep. they captured our Pastor’s family, some women who are living in Church hostel, and tortured continually, physically, mentally, 10 of them were severely injured inside the Church. We informed police authority to rescue them from Church and set free the Church from Criminals. Finding no other alternative we and some other Christian brothers and sister made a road show to have attention of our authority. After the road show when some Church member tried to enter to Church they attacked them once again. Criminals injured Pastor’s son 14 years old and many others. After that Police took-up the matter. Vice Chairman Rev. Pradip Gain still inside the Church with some strangers & outsider. Pastor’s family and women inside the Church are feeling very insecure to experience their behavior inside the Church.

    Viewing above circumstances we therefore requested your kind intervention under intimation by your good-self of-course by your proper investigation what I wrote on behalf on my Church and Pastor to find a solution for us top set free from robber and for the glory of God in this Muslim nation. Please extend your hand to us to give us some comfort and restore our souls from iniquity by the grace of our Lord. Please also keep pray for us to have proper guidance from God to move forward with faith and respect.

    Thanking you very much to take your time to read my long letter of petition.
    May God bless you.
    For further query please feel free to ask me.

    Sincerely/truly yours
    Joshua D. Russell
    In care of Rev. Dr. Alfred A. Adhikary
    Senior Pastor
    Bethlehem A.G. Church
    17 Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong
    E-mail (Pastor): [email protected]
    Cell: +88 0191 9009575 (he is traveling)
    Cell: of Pastor’s wife: +88 0191 5462222
    Church: +88 031 2862438
    Email: former chairman: [email protected]

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