Healing at the last minute

Dear Joyful in Christ’s Love,

I’m 26 years old and this letter is written to share with you an amazing experience I had with the Lord.
Living isn’t the easiest thing we do-with work, friends, family and finances-you begin to wonder whether all of this is worth it. But in spite of it you keep going which is probably the hardest part and every day I wonder where would I really like to be? But all of this fastidiousness gets questioned and you’re totally stumped when you realize that all of this is hanging by a thread-and you could lose the balance over a lousy burp.
A little over a month back I discovered a cyst on my spine. It was fairly large, the size of small cherry and protruded out of the spinal area. I had been through surgery sometime back and I was afraid of even the slightest prospect of having to go through something similar again. Since it was an unusual cyst, I promptly consulted one of the top oncologists in the country.
So when I actually went for consult to a top oncologist in the country, he said it needed to be surgically removed, but I need not worry too too much. However, surgery could not be avoided. I was half-relieved but the idea of surgery still haunted me and painted an unpleasant picture in my mind. Over the week that followed the general surgeon that I was referred to was persistently unavailable. Since the cyst bothered me a great deal, I resorted to consulting another oncologist-a lady doctor this time of whom I had heard many wonder tales.
She requested an eco-scan and determined almost immediately that a surgery was required without delay. She offered me the option of running a biopsy and asked me whether I had much rather have the cyst removed instead of having to go through a biopsy. Even at this point, no clear diagnosis had been made, what was however very clear was that postponing the surgery of the cyst was not an option.
I was worried, scared and unprepared to go through this. I applied for leave for the surgery which was scheduled for the weekend and spent my week busily occupying myself with work. The surgery was expected to be thorough and the doctor refused my request to conduct surgery under local anesthesia. My prayers were distracted and random.
My mother on the other hand, prayed continuously being the wonderful person/mother she is. She specifically attended a service held in Mabole by Br. Lalith and took my scans of the cyst and prayed for healing. When I went to pick her up that night from a service attended by the scores, she seemed strangely calm. As if she knew that there was nothing more to worry about. She told me proudly how she lightly touched the blessed sacrament while it was in procession with her hand clutching the scan reports. She reminded me of the woman who secretly touched Jesus’ robe in the hope of healing. I thanked her and told her she mustn’t worry. It was going to be a simple surgery. The truth was that my surgeon told me it was going to be “thorough” surgery with a lot of attention to detail.

On the day the surgery was scheduled, my mother tried waking me up several times. Since I loathed the idea and wanted to stall it as much, I kept turning in my bed without really getting up. Eventually when I did sit up in bed, i lightly touched where my cyst was and searched for it.
I looked for it a second time, thinking I may have missed it in my sleepiness. Until I managed to find a tiny pimple-of-sorts. I wasn’t sure what to think.

What do you really think then? What do you do?
I called the doctor and told her that it’s not what it used to be anymore. We had an appointment with the doctor one hour prior to the scheduled time of the surgery-she examined with furrowed eyebrows-wondering what may have gone wrong? Or right for that matter.

To cut even a longer story short, the doctor recommended a 7 day antibiotic course and said it should be alright.
So, i’m back to complaining about the small messes in life, wondering what I must do with myself. It’s more than I ask for 🙂
I wanted to share this miracle of faith with you, because it’s amazing. I sometimes still shake my head in wonder how wonderfully powerful the Lord is. There’s no way that two top oncologists and one radiologist who ran eco scans on me got it all wrong, surely.
So that story about footprints in the sand is true. He really does carry us in bad weather.

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