Healing and forgiveness

My name is Raj. When I was young I was bit drunk and commited a sin. I suffered from severe guilty and also I suffered from severe stomache. I prayed with tears on my eyes and prayed to god with all my faith one night with my eyes closed. Suddenly my bed was shaking as if there was a sudden earthquake. I feared for a minute and then thanked god and went to bed.

Next day I read the newspaper for any indication of earthquake previous night but there was none. I also asked my mum whether she felt any trembling but she said that she didn’t feel anything either. I then realized that god has poured his spirit on me and has touched me and has forgive me and healed me. After this when I went to the doctors they said that I might need a operation for the stomache since some thing was growing inside but after the above incident my stomachache was gone and it never visited me. I throwed the tablets away.

After years I picked up a backpain from the gym and I prayed to god with my worries and I had a dream that my back will be perfecly fine. since then I’m feeling very comfortable with the back.

I thank god for all his blessings and forgiveness. One thing I realized in my life is if I trust god and accept him, there is countless joy and spiritual nourishment.

I also realized that whatever good things that I give to others, it returns back to me as twice. How great thou art!.

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