Healing of Frozen Shoulder during Fast

Over the short period of 3 weeks I have been healed of frozen shoulder of 10 months. I cancelled the surgery that was scheduled for Oct 18th. I was also told by my family physician I HAD to go on Blood pressure medicine so I did.

WELL…..I saw him today and they took my blood pressure 3 times. It dropped 30 points in one month (no medicine can do that) and my doctor told me I can stop taking it Im cured……haha HEALED in Jesus Name! Hallelujah! And it is so great to be able to use my shoulder and not be in chronic pain. For 10 months, and now I am healed Praise God!
Call it “good timing or Gods timing” but I just happen to be fasting! Thank you Jesus. Many things have happened concerning the ministry and this is only day 9. 31 days to go. I’m sure I will have much more to praise about.

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  1. This is what I have been looking for, a testimony of God having done already. I know my healing has been established long ago and the manifestation will be soon.

  2. I was born in Germany in 1968 to a double adulterous seed. I am totally aware of what a generational curse can do to someone. I saw demons on one occasion in Andernach, Germany while my mother was working in a night club through the nights. My half brother was born 2 years before me inside of wedlock. My biological parents married after there both divorced their spouses.

    My brother older brother Marcel and I grew up in Garland, Tx and my mother became a devout Christian in 1976. I secretly struggled with masturbation as it weighed against my conscience. Being a Christian, I hated my addiction as I would sometimes masturbate up to three times a day. I couldn’t stand the sexual thought that were traveling through my mind when I did it.

    My brother Marcel received a scholarship to West Point in 1984. I walked on at the University of North Texas to play football. I loved football and it took my mind off the demonic thoughts which ruled my mind. I was always able to contain my demons although I did lose my virginity at 16 to a couple of waitresses at a Mexican restaurant I worked at.

    My father pulled me out of UNT sighting he did not like my grade point average. I felt humiliated in having to give up football at UNT! I didn’t even have a car! I fury built up in my spirit and I was so angry I decided to steal my mothers hand gun and take my demons to the streets of New York, a city I had never been to before and I knew nobody except Marcel who was in upstate NY. I hit the streets, a rebel without a cause. I had unprotected sex with whoever would have it with me. After three months of playing Rambo, I decided to join the Army. I had a very high entrance exam and chose 95 Bravo (Military Police) as my MOS. After being admitted I decided to let the cat out of the bag by walking to West Point and informing my brother I had joined the Army. He was pleasantly shocked and my father was informed I was at West Point so he paid for a couple night stay at the Thayer Hotel.

    I passed through basic training and was stationed in Kitzingen, Germany. This was a paradise for my demons as I spoke German fluently at a handsome bachelor.

    I exited the Army in 1989 to play American football, my love which I discovered in Germany. They have football!

    I also joined a couple of heavy metal bands as a lead singer.

    After playing for the Rothenburg Knights from 1992-1993, I signed a lucrative contract for the Hanau Hawks in 1994. There I would meet and innocent cheerleader, Viola Zielke, who was a virgin despite being exceedingly shy, and she told her cheerleader friends to tell me “I was the One”! Though I didn’t pay much attention towhat they told me I decided to break the bubble by sitting next to her on a 4 hour team bus ride from Munich after we had played there. She curled up and smiled as I plopped myself next to her knowing she was infatuated with me. After about an hour on the road I reach over to kiss her.

    A couple nights later I would spend the night a t her parents apartment. I broke her virginity without any regard of her innocence.

    18 months later I was inducted to the 1995 All-star game in Hamburg as a quarterback/receiver. All the while feeding my demons with women as I disregarded Viola’s love for me without regard to her feelings.

    My team, the South German All-Stars won the game. Shortly after I was informed by one of the players, Tuli, Viola had won a trip to Euro-Disney but she was too shy to tell me herself so she sent him to tell me. Viola and I went through Paris and on the Euro-Disney where we had first class accomidations for 3 days. I couldn’t believe I was here with such a beautiful brunette with green eyes with a perfect 112 lb frame! We made passionate love for three days.

    A month after returning to Hanau I was invited to try out for the NFL Europe’s Frankfurt Galaxy. I ran a dismal 4.8 in the 40 yd dash and felt something strange in my groin which kept my speed much lower than normal. So I decided to go to a local doctor to check me me out. I also asked him to give me an HIV test. It came back positive! The first person I thought of was little Viola! So I slammed to the floor of my condo and begged God to forgive me and Viola! I exclaimed, “Lord she did this out of love; I did this out of lust! Punish me but have mercy on someone so innocent as Viola. Her love for me is unconditional! Lord, you know how important “Love” is to you!”

    I summoned Viola to my condo and broke the news to her. I told her, “Viola, if you stay here I will totally understand but I had to tell you. However, if you want to return with me to Garland and start over, I will take you and we can get married if you want. Its up to you Viola!” I was hoping she would say yes as I knew her commitment could lead to the road to deliverance. With tears gushing down her cheeks with he face sideways against my chest she softly utter two words that would change our lives forever, “I’ll go! I’ll go!” A fire blew up in my spirit and I knew that moment Satan was defeated!

    We quietly moved back into my parents home like the prodical son my father gave us the master bedroom. I made a covenant to God I would not seek medication believing the Holy Spirit would stay with me if I stayed faithful to Viola. This was challenging as I had never been faithful to any woman in my life.

    Viola had to be processed through immigrations which would require her to take the HIV exam, this after 18 months of unprotected sex with me! The Dallas County Health department sent us the results and Viola refused to open the envelope so we just placed it on the night stand until she was ready. Meanwhile I obtained a job with a small concrete paving company as an administrator for $6 an hour in the beginning of 1996. All th while I collected credit cards so Viola and I could exploit the American dream as I saw it.

    It was in April, 1996, when my mother barged into our room one day and said, “Lets just open this envelope (speaking of the HIV results) and face whatever comes. It is what it is!” She ripped open the envelope and Viola’s results were NEGATIVE! A miracle for the most innocent! Gods mercy has no limit!

    At the end of 1996, the small concrete company filed bankruptcy so I drove down to Austin and incorporated Onycha Industries Corporation on Dec. 27, 1996 after only one year of construction experience and no degree as we had just been approved for a small two story house in Noth Garland in January, 1997.

    Six months into my company I entered into a large contract to procure sidewalks for the City of Dallas working for a black engineer. I was excited as I wanted to make Viola feel like she didn’t make a mistake by marrying a man with HIV and no degree. I signed a sizable contract and immediately hired 8 subcontractors under my company, sporting around in a turquoise Ford Probe convincing people I was legit at 29 years old. In two months I billed the engineer for $268,000.00! I was exited and it seemed things were going great until the engineer stopped paying me after only paying me $48,000.00 leaving me to max out my three $5,000 credit cards! Viola had just received her green card and had started working at a local McDonalds. I would drop her off each day staying silent to the dilemma we were facing. She never looked at my mail as this was taboo in the German culture. One day after dropping her off st work I drove back home and stood outside and cried out to the Lord, “God, I wanted to how Viola the American dream! This is turning into a nightmare! What am I supposed to do?” The Lord simply said to “Pay the minimums of your credit cards. They will judge you by your character!”

    I limped into 1998, always paying the minimums each month when in early ’98 I received and invitation to bid on an $80,000 parking lot at Plano High School through PISD. I would have to qualify for my first Surety Bond with maxed credit cards at age 30 with no degree, only a Ford Probe as collateral as an African American in front of an all white panel! However, I did show the bonding company perfect credit which spawned the agency to ask questions. After telling them about the 1997 default the underwriter, Genie Williams stormed into the office on the follow up the next day and exclaimed, “Yes, we researched your claim and found it to be validated what you told us. That engineer has over $500,000 in claims on that same project! He’s gonna be blackballed! He will never get another surety bond again!” My heart sunk! I figured , him being black also, he had ruined it for me! With my head hung in dismay I was left numb! Then, with her back towards me on the other side of the room, the underwriter passively utterer, “I’m going to approve your bond and see how it goes.” WOW I thought! All my efforts came through! God used Viola to help me do the unconscionable! We had our first surety bond!

    I bid on the job and we won the bid! I carried it out using a local subcontractor. Then I looked into Viola’s blue/green eyes and decided our turquoise Ford Probe was a better fit for her. I looked in the Auto Trader for a Dodge Ram dually diesel! I found what I wanted at Hoyte Dodge in Sherman, Texas. After showing the salesman what I wanted they pulled my credit. My credit came back so good the salesman exclaimed that Chrysler Financial has approved you for two Dodge Ram dually’s! I though he was kidding because one of my credit cards was maxed out. The salesman countered that by simply stating the obvious, “You must be paying all your bills.” “Yes!” I responded. As I was leaving the dealership with two white Dodge Rams the dealer stopped me and exclaimed, “Hold on! Chrysler financial has just approved you for a third Dodge!” I told him no way. I was stll working on paying my credit cards. The dealer insisted and talked me into financing a white Ford Taurus. I left with all three vehicles gleaming as I knew the acquisition of these vehicles would in crease my bonding capacity which should render hundreds of thousands of dollars! Incredibly our company closed 1998 with a total of $446,000 and Viola and I took a four day trip to Cancun. She never realized that she was the reason we were on the beach of Cancun in a romantic hut enjoying the Dream!

    That year my sister came from Austin to install the internet. I was secretly anxious about the internet as I knew I had a weakness for pornography but the internet was a must for business.

    My sister, Sabine, was born 7 years after me inside of wedlock and had obtained a scholastic scholarship to the University of Texas. We both collaborated in 1996 on the name for our company. Sabine was made my corporate secretary upon inception of the company.

    Our company surged as we grossed over $900,000 in sales from 1998-200 with the City of Dallas alone!

    One month Viola returned to Germany to visit her family. It was then, at a local mall, I met an attractive woman who I eventually fell to lust to. I knew I had broken the covenant I made with Christ! I would also fall on tw other occasions to lust! I knew my years were numbered. At the sme time the smut on the internet had a full grip on me!

    Viola and I would travel through Carlsbad Caverns and the Grand Canyon in 2000. We ate at the finest restaurants and additionally traveled to New Orleans in 2001 where Viola especially enjoyed the everglades with the crocodiles!

    One day at our home Viola finally, after being at awe in our success, stated to me in her innocent high voice, “Andy, your a winner!” This crushed me because I knew I was committing adultery by my affliction with the internet! So I replied with a broken smile, “Thank you Viola.” I later to told God, “Lord, I know I am going to die and go to Hell! But I have to do whatever it takes in dedication to Viola’s sacrifice to break free from this plague! Lord, I hate myself and I would rather die than continue to wake up to those innocent eyes. I will fast every Monday for 24 hours from all food intake and if that’s not enough, I will fast from Monday through Wednesday. Even though I know I am going to die, I must do this for her!”

    In early 2001, I went on my second mission trip to Cambodia. Nobody in my church nor the missionary knew about the virus Th Holy Spirit kept me so fit going into 2001, a church member, Roy Rosenbaugh asked me if I could come try out for a semi pro football team called the Dallas Viper.After thinking hard I hesitantly agreed ad I showed up to practice that weekend in Irving with a Jeep Wrangler which I had purchased in 1999. I found that I enjoyed it and played all the way into the playoffs which ended in a loss to the mighty Austin Rattlers. All the whill I was also an assistant Coach for the Rockwall Christian Warriors in 200-2001, winning one state championship!

    Right after returning from Cambodia in 2001, I took advantage of a special vacation deal my travel agent informed me about. It was a spring break special at Cancun for 7 days at the first class Hyatt Regency Hotel at the prime age of 33!

    After retuning from my trips I saw on my fax machine and invitation to bid on a $280,000.00 road project in rural Corsicana, Tx for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. This would be my first road project, two hours south of Dallas. I won the bid and procured it, however, as I was returning from Huntsville on I45 with my last check from TDCJ in mid 2002,I began to see double on the highway. People were asing me why I was losing so much weight. I didn’t really notice however I was getting weaker and weaker by the day. My mother moved into my house trying to reverse the virus with food and vitamin supplement. The Pastor of my church had me hosting Bible study at my home every Thursday but when I was breaking out with shingles I asked my mother to substitute the Bible leadership as I didn’t want to alarm the church members.

    One day, Viola and I were invited to my brothers home in Mequite for dinner. I staggered through his front door holding on tightly to Viola. My brother saw my condition and he and his wife’s family were in shock. He insisted I file bankruptcy as it was obvious that I was unable to address the bills that were coming through. I had entered into another contract with a black contractor out of Ft Worth who also professed to be a minister to complete sidewalk work on a $108,000 City of Dallas contract. I became incapacitated at home and my brother enlisted the help of a local bankruptcy attorney to take my case. I knew everything was over! I was bracing for eternal damnation! Marcel was suggesting I go to the hospital. Viola’s antidote was, “He just needs to go to the gym!” She never thought I would die when everybody else though death was eminent. Even the so called Pastor/contractor was so sure I would die he perjured himself to the City of Dallas stating he had paid my company $52,000.00. He never paid me a dime! Leaving me to suffer my first repos ever, a Ford F650 dump truck which was 15 months away from being paid off and a Bobcat tractor which was only 5 months away from being paid off. Fear gripped me as I lay each day, having been told that once one has full blown AIDS, death is inevitable! One day I was approached in the Spirit by a certain Caucasian man in his 30s. We were up and about and he asked me, “Would you like to know what Hell is like?” I replied, “Why not? I have always been one for adventure although I know what Hell is going to be.” I figured I had nothing to lose!

    What happened next was I would be ushered into the Spirit relm however this hell did not consist of fire and brimstone but a world of deception. I knew early into this world I was not going to die, however had no idea when I would come out of this world. I lay in a deep torpor with no pain or symptoms of AIDS except losing weight.

    One day when I had fully recovered I was in the back seat of my brothers car. We were retuning from the hospital. In a daze I told Marcel, “Marcel, I must have filed bankruptcy or something because its been very quiet at the house.” He replied and said, “You did Andy!’ Then I said, “”Oh, that’s too bad; I was so close to paying off the house for Viola.” He turned to me and exclaimed, “You did pay off the house Andy!” In pleasant shock I quietly smiled and said, “We did it Jesus!” After looking at my credit profile I discovered we had paid the house off in October, 2002!

    The biggest miracle the Lord did for me was I realized afer 4 months of the recovery from AIDs, I had been completely delivered from the curse! Something I had wished all my life and it came though an innocent girls unconditional love and sacrifice! I haven’t had any problem with the internet since and I haven’t touched myself in 12 years! God did it! His Word is sovereign!

    One day after returning home I told my mother, “Mom, I was in a different world for at least two months because I don’t recall the bankruptcy at all!” She replied, “Andreas, you were beside yourself for 5 months!” It was an incredible adventure, both diabolical and Godly!

    Approximately 5 months later I was driving down the road talking to my BK attorney as I needed some answers to questions I had about the BK. At the end of the conversation I told the attorney, “Well, I guess I’ll go looking for another job.” He jumped in, “You still have your company don’t you?” I replied, “No, you just did my bankruptcy; you know that!” He replied, “No, you only filed personal bankruptcy, not corporate! You still have your company, if you want it!” “Of course!” I exclaimed. I was sure my brother had filed me under both personal and Corporate BK because my company was never sued for the almost $100,000 I was unable to pay on a contract! God is full of mystery!

    Also, at the end of 2003, I received the 2003 Texas Businessman of the Year Award by the National Republican Congressional Committee in DC and subsequently George Bush invited me to his Annual 2004 Presidents Dinner and I attended. To see my picture receiving an award form a congressman just click on the link “Our credentials” on the site to see the photo.

    To GOD be the Glory!

    The details of the adventure I experienced

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