Healin’ is Peelin’

I was sharing with my husband about some recent blogs I wrote… that underneath all our junk we ARE healed. It’s that we have to get rid of those blocks, roots, sins, etc., that has distorted our health and who we are in Christ.

God created us perfectly from His heart, but sin had left a filthy stain… Jesus washed all the sins away as white as snow… but then why do we still feel so dirty, bad, unforgiven, and some even feel unsaved? It’s because though the work has been done, we need to allow Jesus to wash those things away.

I spoke about it in my previous blog called, “Does your ship have Barnacles?” I’ve received some great feedback on that blog, helping people understand clearly what could be preventing their blessings and healing they have been waiting for. My husband and I discussed this for some time, and then we just sat there for a moment pondering. Then my husband summed this all up in one of his famous one-liners… “Healin’ is Peelin’. I like that!! He knows how to sum it up that is for sure.

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  1. Timothy Luke says:

    A great verse to add to this message would be “The Lord’s ear is not heavy that it cannot hear, nor is his arm short that it cannot save, but your sins have separated you from your God.” When we truly believe all He has done for us, we have more courage to face the things that we need to on our end to receive all that is waiting on us.

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