Healed through Jesus only

My name is Suseela and I am from Kerala.

I used to keep away from prayers before I met Jesus. he came to my life through a healing.

I had a growth in my stomach but our financial situation was too bad that I couldn’t do anything to remove that. The doctors asked me to get ready for an operation. They were saying that there is no other way to remove the same.

I went to many churches and prayed to many saints. At last I lost my faith in all of them. I suddenly changed my mind and decided to focus only to Jesus Christ.

One day, a pastor came to uor home and taught us the love of God and prayed for us. I also prayed for the healing with faith in me and was healed. Praise the Lord.

I and my family are very happy today, with our Jeus Christ. Now we are trying to know him more so that we can love him more.

may the God bless us all to walk through his way only.

Blessed be the name of the Lord .. Amen

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