Healed of Skin Problem – Jan Carver

Ms. Jan Carver is so happy to share her story of another healing. When she drank something spicy she will get red or hot & flushed… But god is so good that he healed her from this terrible condition.

I have received another healing!!! Imagine that!!! I was diagnosed with Rosacea several years ago & it has been flaring up recently, especially if I eat something spicy or drink alcohol. I can drink a glass of wine & I get so red/hot & flushed…it is terrible.

My friend, Phil…bought me a huge bottle of Kahlua about 2 months ago (he knows I like Kahlua in my coffee). So…every time I would have Kahlua & coffee, I would flush really really bad.

I also have been using Elidel for eczema in the crease of my nose & right between my eyes & on my chin, just below my lower lip. Last year, I developed eczema really bad in the cold winter weather & I wasn’t taking good care of my skin.

I didn’t have any makeup on the day of the Bedlam game & I was over at Phil’s house with our other friend Kelly (female). I had just drank a cup of Kahlua & coffee & she mentioned that I had a rash really bad on my face. I had to explain to here what it was. It looked awful!!!

SO…I have been taking authority over my Rosacea & Eczema & commanding it to go & for my skin to line up with the perfect will of God & I have been thanking him in the mornings for my healing as I look in the mirror & apply the Elidel to my special places on my face. I have drank Kahlua & coffee this week in the evening….WITH NO REACTION/NO FLUSH!!!

He is so good to me…I am astounded once more at his gracious & unfailing love toward me & I really believe it is because of all the fasting I am doing. He rewards those who diligently seek him & lay aside their flesh on His behalf. He is the One who instructed me to do this & I have been ever so faithful…face set like flint & winning the prize…the prize is Him & the power & authority that He bestows to us. I am totally satisfied in Him.

I was thinking this morning as I lay in bed…that I am never hungry!!! I am filled with Him!!!

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