Healed of Breast Lump

My name is Gracy. I am from Ernakulam.

Though I was born in a Christian family, I had no deep relationship with Jesus. I never tried to know God and his never ending love till before four years.

I started to feel emptiness in my heart. During that time, I had a difficult situation. Doctors told me that I had a growth in my breast and they advised me for an operation.

I never knew that God was using that occasion to turn me towards him.

At that time, some people from a prayer group came to me and prayed for me. I was wondered that God showed his mercy on me and he blessed me with complete healing from my disease.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!!

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  1. I met a doctor a week ago and he found that there was a lump in my breast. I am scared and really put my faith in God for His healing. I have to go for mammogram in 2 weeks time. Now, I am praying very hard, I would also like to use this web to call believers of Jesus Christ to pray for my illnesses. For your information, I am also suffering from heavy and irregular menses for few years. My doctor said that I have hormonal problem but could it be something else? Help me in your prayers. God Bless…

    • fishiigoroar says:

      Hope the news is good after you’ve finished that mammogram. Hopefully the lump isn’t cancerous or dangerous. Let me know, what the news is.

      Takecare till then =) !

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