Healed of a Hearing Defect

Two years ago, I had a slight hearing problem and my ear felt very heavy. My mother took me to the doctor. He said that my ear was filled with wax, and my ear canal was very narrow.

I had to go to the doctor three times to finish the process of taking the wax out. Earlier, I couldn’t hear clearly, and I had to pull my ear lobe down to hear. But after taking the wax it was slightly better.

I always had a slight hearing defect, in addition to the wax problem. The doctor said that I had to undergo an audiogram test because he said that I have some hearing problem. But I did not do any treatment for that.

It was two years after that, I came for the miracle hour programme, on Wednesday held at Kottayam by a pastor. During the healing session, God miraculously healed me. And my ears are perfectly alright. I can hear very well. Thank you Jesus for healing me.

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