Healed from Infertility

The biggest dream I have ever had was to be a mother. I never even considered that I wouldn’t be able to have children. In 2001 my husband and I got married, that was also when I had my first miscarriage. I was devastated. Little did I know, that was the beginning of a really long and hard road to travel. My faith in God took a huge hit. I thought I had done something wrong, that it was my fault. The Lord showed me in His word that every barren woman eventually had a child. He comforted me by letting me know, through David’s experience, that I would one day be able to go to my child.

I went on to have 5 more miscarriages in the span of 6 years. The doctors couldnt find out why I couldnt carry a baby to term. I was at my breaking point. When I saw other women who were pregnant, I would ask God why it was so easy for them, and not for me. He told me that I didn’t know what they had to get through to get to that point. In 2003, my husband and I went to hear a Nigerian Evangelist speak at a church in Pensacola. During the service he called for people to come up for prayer who wanted to have children. By this time, I was so heart broken, that I was reluctant to go for prayer, and decided to stay in my pew and pray. I hadn’t even realized that he had left the podium and was walking the isles of the church, until I felt his hand on my shoulder and he told me and my husband both to go down for prayer. He prophesied over us that our disappointment was not final. At the end of the service, again, he called us down for prayer.

By the year 2007, I‘d had a total of 6 miscarriages and my faith was battered and bruised. I reminded God over and over again of the promise he made to me in 2003. I would be a mother, and I had to have the faith it took to let God do his thing. When God starts something he doesn’t quit, he will finish the work he started. God is not a liar, but we have to understand that He works in his own time. A coworker of mine gave me this book entitled Super Natural Childbirth, written by Jackie Mize. That book was such a blessing to me. It taught me how to pray for my child. I prayed for the body, that it would be formed perfectly; I prayed for the heart, that it would function as God had created it to function. I prayed for every cell, and every organ, in the body. I reminded God that he said he was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He never changes. What he did for someone else, he could do for me, because he loves us all the same. I stood on the promises that He gave me personally, through his word, and through his prophesies. By this time, I was stronger in my faith, and I knew that one day I would have children. Yes, that’s right; I changed the way I was praying. I knew that God knew the desires of my heart, and he wouldn’t give me a desire that wasn’t possible to fulfill. I started praying for my children; because I knew that one day I would have more than one child. I stood firm on the fact that what my God had done for one, he could do for me.

I found out in Feb 2008, that I was pregnant. Again. I went in for the usual ultrasound, to make sure that the baby was OK, and alive…to our surprise, I measured 12 weeks!! We were so happy! How could I have been 3 months pregnant and not even know? God gracefully took me past the most crucial time frame without me having to worry what would happen. I saw her do a flip on the ultrasound, and I knew that she would thrive. During my pregnancy, I had to take a stand against the devil and not let him steal my joy. In august 2008, our seventh year of marriage, and our seventh child, we had our first baby girl. Praise the Lord, she was healthy and normal. Sometime after, I prayed that we would have a son. I wanted my husband to have a son to be able to teach, and to be able to do all the father/son things with. Again, in August 2010, the Lord blessed us with our son. I truly believe that our family is complete, and that the Lord was with me through it all. Children are a heritage from the lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened. He will never leave you nor forsake you; if you have faith as a mustard seed you can move your mountain. (Matthew 17:20)

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  1. May the Good Lord Jehovah the promise keeper bless you all with the fruit of the womb. Infertility is a painful situation, but the Lord surely shows Himself strong at the end of if all. Hold on, don’t lose faith, the violent take it by force. Find your scriptures and stand on them to pray daily. God will meet you at the point of your need. Amen.

  2. I’m also battling with infertility, I have prayed about it, sometimes I feel God doesn’t love me, sometimes I feel He doesn’t care, at times I feel like walking out of my marriage which I will do because it doesn’t make sense when I can’t have a child and I keep battling depression everyday, day in day out I’m depressed and suicidal because I’m unable to conceive, my friends have prayed and conceived but me, I cry bitterly almost everyday.

    • God loves you, don’t let the devil tell you otherwise.
      Guess what? When you were still a dirty sinner He came all the way down to earth to die for you. God gave up His ONLY SON. imagine the child you want so badly now, would you give him up for anyone? Well, God did that, for you. He surely loves you to bits! Hold on to that fact.

  3. Emily Masinde says:

    My name is Emily. I’ve hit rock bottom too. 8 years infertility is the worst thing that happened to me. I’m even shaking writting this and i always wonder why such a terrible thing had to happen to me and my husband. I haven’t given up praying but these days i complain bitterly to God. Treatment for my condition is very expesive (IVF). Moreover, the most painful part of it is that IVF has not worked for me. My peace has never been shuttered the way it is now. Now the stress has even caught up with my husband. He used to be strong for me but he aint anymore. Sometimes i wonder if God cares because if He did, would it get this bad? If God can’t help me then i hope i die soon. Atleast i will have rest.



  5. After all these testimonials we have a reason to be against abortion. God is awesome and his word is the truth. But the world is full of lies. Please for those seeking for babies plesse go to any shop and start purchasing children’s clothes. And when you are praying declare and decree , pray for your baby and have faith. Even if it’s a baby socks or a top just buy it and pray over it. And you will see wonders after 3 months. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  6. AMEN Am greatly inspired by your story,i am also a victim of miscarriages,i pray the Lord may He hear my cry may he give me a child of my own

    • valencia says:

      I was told my hormone levels are low and I have a small chance of conceiving. One thing I do know is that men don’t know everything. My girlfriend was told she would never be able to have a child by three different doctors. She was scheduled to do a hysterectomy due to poly cystic over is and other complications. She was prayed for, repented, and started to follow God’s heart. I am happy to say, she has a beautiful 9 Month baby girl. Hold onto your faith, no matter how things look. God is working things out in the spiritual realm. Don’t doubt him, continue to meditate on scriptures that deal with healing, trust, and barren women.

  7. Sagar209 says:

    Let our Lord Jesus heal you all. Have faith and he will hear you. He will never let his righteous one to be sad and unhappy.

  8. I’m here at the lowest point. I thought that the struggles I went through during my life was difficult but nothing prepares you for infertility. I’ve grown thick with hatred and resentment towards my friends whose prayers have been answered. Why them and not me?
    Today, I lay myself before you Lord, I’ve made mistakes in the past and I pray that you wash my sins away with your blood and free me of them. Lord I pray that you fill me with love again and to put all my trust in your hands father.
    I pray for my little baby that you are going to give me Lord, I pray for his perfect little body and his perfect little organs and may he grow in my womb save and warm. Dear God I pray these things because you are the Almighty King of Kings and through you anything is possible.

  9. I am battling infertility. I am 37 not married and recently found out that I have a blocked fallopian tube and a hormone level of a 45 year old. Also my mother started menopause at 38. I have been praying and asking God to heal me. My faith wavers at times especially when I see pregnant women. I pray daily that God will send me a husband and allow me to become a mother. My biggest desire is to be a mom, I am hurting.

  10. Elizabeth Ward says:

    I will pray for you and myself. I have infertility due to low hormones.

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