Healed From HIV

I am giving this testimony, so that many may increase in faith as I did. About three weeks ago I took my child for an HIV test. My Child had been having unprotected sex without my knowledge and I wanted to make sure my Baby was ok. So we went for STD and HIV test just to make sure. Nearly, a week after the test, I recieved the worst call of my life.On my way to work, the Dr. stated that the the HIV test for my child was postive and I needed to take my only child to the infectious disease doctor, I nearly fainted. In an instand my focus and life changed. I went into prayer mode right away. I begain fasting and praying. For a week I did this and I prayed to my father in heaving for help constantly, the holy spirit lead me to the scriptures to read over this situation. However, My fleshly mind was going a hundred miles an hour, and all through this my child did know. I didn’t want my baby to panic. I cried and prayed. When we went back to the doctor 7 day later, this doctor showed me the previous results the dr called me with on paper. My baby was told then what was going on. My baby cried badly she repented and started praying and having faith aswell. We spoke the word and did as much as we could do according to God’s word. That day the doctor and I agreed to have my baby take another test to find out the viral load. I said she will be negative on the next test its a false positive the dr told me the test was 99.2 percent correct, I said I prayed it’s not. The previous sunday before the Dr’s appointment, I took the family to church recieve a word from the lord thru a prophet that didnt know the situation It was a request I made within my self and God used her to answer it saying” On the next visit to the Dr, the HIV test will be negative I shouted for joy. as the week went on I cont to fastand pray. I did this unitl we recieved the new test results. Before that I asked God to show him self mightly AND HE DID. All test came back negative, my baby’s viral load was none existing. GOD HEARD MY PRAYERS. Throughout this whole experience, I’ve learned to trust God even when it looks hopeless. I never knew I had the strength to pray or fast the way I did. But through God all things are possible. It’s truly is a blessing that I came to this site and got hope, read promises of God, the testimonies on this site help to encourage me. I told my heavenly father that if he healed my baby I would tell AND HE DID.I just want to say, for those of you going through a similar situation that seems hopeless. I say pray the promises of God, Fast and Believe even when your mind is saying it’s over, trust God’s word FOR THEY ARE LIFE! God of all flesh and everything else. He wants to heal all the sick, but it takes faith, even faith small as a mustard seed will do, trust him with all your cares.

God Bless and Amen

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  1. jesushealsstds says:

    Because of the healing power of Jesus, I stand here today as a living testimony to declare of His mercies and above all else, His great love for everyone single one of us. It is not the will of God that even one of us should perish. And you can be sure of this, for God loved us mankind, that He gave His only Son Jesus to us, that whosoever believes in Him will be saved! One thing you need to understand is, Jesus has already overcome when He died on that cross for you and I – He bore our sicknesses and diseases.

    By His wounds we are healed, BUT only according to your faith in Him. Do you believe The God of the Bible is still the same God who is ever present to receive us and redeem us from our sins? If you believe in your heart that God raised Christ from the dead, that same power is available to you today, whatever your illness is! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ILLNESS THAT CANNOT BE HEALED IN JESUS’ NAME – If only you believe.

    I have decided set up a “channel” and it is open to anyone who is need of prayer for healing. You may write me at [email protected]
    I have also set up an accompanying Skype account for this purpose. My Skype ID is: jesusheals.stds (you can perform a simple user search with that ID or the email address above).

    You can call me at anytime of day, I’ll gladly give you my time. While there may be times I may not be able to attend to your call immediately, I’ll do my best to call you back the soonest I can. And while you wait, Jesus is never too far away if you earnestly call upon Him and seek Him! You may not even need me to return your call.. 🙂

    What I do request is that you get yourself a lab report confirming whatever illness that is present, and that you get yourself a following lab report confirming you are healed. If you are comfortable sharing a screenshot of your lab reports, by all means send it to me (blot out your id and address if you need to).

    Also, while I take NO credit in any part of this, I humbly ask that you testify to the goodness and healing power of Jesus, as a living testimony.

  2. I turned from the Word and began to follow the world. I committed adultry with an escort and it resulted in me almost dying. I began to experience symptoms from almost every std, condemnation showed up and I began to hate myself. The enemy satan began attacking me in every area he could he even tried to talk me into committing suicide. Then the ALMIGHTY JESUS showed up and turned me back to his word I began going to church and watching Creflo Dollar sermons. He showed me how our mighty KING JESUS CHRIST had already made healing available 2000 years ago. I began to recite one of my favorite scriptures Isiah 53 5 and learned with his stripes we are healed and all it takes is faith to get manifestation . A month ago I went and got tested for every std there is and by the GRACE OF YESHUA every one came back negative. Every symptom has left I am healed and I am now seeing prosperity in every area of my life. We have all sinned that’s why our heavenly FATHER YAHWEH has given us his son. I asked everyone of you to focus on GODS promises and not your problems and witness manifestation in your life. I hope I have inspired someone.

  3. Ibrahim says:

    Pray with me,I asked Jesus to heal me from HIV and I know I am healed.I am not depending on sight but hold on God’s word.He says if I ask believing,I have it

  4. christian says:

    I have bn livin a sinful life since a few years now after a surgery that made my loose faith in certainty of life. Bt wnted to get off it,so met a man pastor who asked me to covenant wt God dt i should gt hiv if i went bak to fornicate. unfortunately in july i broke d covenant after being lured.Although i took PEP, since then i hvnt bn myself. from one symptom to another. scared of taking the test. very scared. Ought to marry novmber. cant evn face my Godly fiancee. Somebody say somyhing please.!

  5. Fernando A says:

    thank you so much for this, firstly i like to say am so happy for u and ur baby and to say THANK GOD FOR THAT. i pray i can share the same victory as u as my self am going thru a similar situation. i did an hiv test and it came positive, the doctors encourage me to do a confirmatory test, and pray it was a mis diagnosis. i have been fasting since try to keep my faith. i know God can change it, but i feel so weak… i am to go get my results today, i pray to God its a miss diagnosis.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement. I was stuck in Homosexuality, witchcraft and drug use and it lead to HIV contraction about a year ago. I then found Jesus’ I knew Him as a little kid but then family and other circumstances caused me to rebel against everything and one.

    I now have a real relationship in Christ and i TRUST and know that I will be healed so I can share my testimony with others like me. i hope to help people, I just need to know how to begin….Since I am a new Christian(believer). I haven’t told anyone about me in this way, so if you read this, you’re the only person who knows. Other than our Father…Please pray for me and my absolute healing from HIV. i am not ready to let the enemy snuff me out. Thank you Jesus’

    Yours Faithfully

    • Timothy Luke says:

      God is faithful Gabriel. He who has begun a good work in you is faithful to complete it to the end. Be blessed  and encouraged. God is our healer and He will indeed heal all your diseases, even as He has forgiven all your iniquities. Keep trusting, believing, praying and receiving…!


    • childofjesus says:

      I will also remember you in my prayers.

      Rom 8:37 – “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him(Jesus) that loved us.”

    • “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
      I will fear no evil;For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me”

      Lord, even though Gabriel has HIV I believe that you have healed Him! I pray that He will be strong in your Word and mighty in your hands, b/c you do not forsake those who call upon you! Lord show Him your power and reveal yourself through your Word. Lord comfort Him and deliver Him from Harm. Give Him the strength, and the courage to pray, fast and to trust you infinitely.

      Gabriel, I want you to remember Psalms 23 for it where the Lord Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to you!… Start there!! And proclaim His words whenever you feel down, out, scared and hurt. Believe that the Lord is your Shepard and He will Lead you. Never give power to those negative thoughts that linger in your conscious but rather speak His word, which is truth and life!….
      Also, read Greatfullyme testimony, which is written above. You see, she prayed and fasted!
      We, b./c I need to fast and pray too, must do just dat!

      God bless!

      Fasting, praying, reading and believing the bible, is the key.

    • edgar colon says:

      God bless you all, this is a true testimony, when I was younger I was in a gang I got stabbed 5 times one day one of the stab wounds were in my spinal cord, I became disabled I couldn’t bend over for the rest of my life and I knew that the doctors couldn’t do nothing, to make a long story short one day I got arrested I accepted God in my life, He got me out of jail, I started praying and fasting and believed in my heart that God could heal me, one day I was working in a place where they help young people by giving them jobs, I was working with my friend and all of a sudden I felt a burning sensation on my back and I told my friend that I think God healed me and my friend told me to bend over and it was true I bend over God did healed me, Jesus Is The Healer Of Healer. prayer and fasting that’s the secret and God will tell you if it is His Will To Heal You and God also requires obedience too.

  7. Thank you for sharing your testimony through these means. God is amazing, loving, all knowing, powerful, compassionate, “He is alive”…

    I went through a similar experience with both of my parents. My dad contracted the virus and pasted it on to my mother. They kept it a secret from all of us (so they thought), but I found out through some papers. This was back in 1993, I was only 17 and when I saw the markings “HIV” my life flipped upside down. I didn’t know what to do or whom to go to. My life took a differnt route (with God’s help I am trying to get myself together).

    I was no longer sociable, spunky, caring… NO No, I became distanced, sheltered afraid of getting close to people b/c it hurts to much to loose them. A year later I told my older brother ” Juanito” what was going on (He was going to church, believed in God and had an awesome testimony) and the way he took the news in amazed me. He was so calm and He said “don’t worry everything will be ok”.

    K, so few months later my mother ended up in the hospital and the Dr’s told me that my mom was not going to live. I stood up and slam by hands on the table and told them “Who are u to tell me my mother is going to live or die? You are not God”… I walked away and called “Juanito”…
    He arrived prayed over my mother (who had tubes all over) and in three days my mother was out of danger.

    My mothers job was to search for the Lord, but she knew no better and so she continue believing in the Lord in her own ways. Still, the only one’s that knew my parents were sick was my brother and myself ( My other 2 bro and my sis did not know ). When my mother was better I told her that I knew and she cried. I told her everything was going to be k.

    Since, she kept waking up with marking on her arms and legs. She kept saying that she was having weird dreams and so in Dec 2005 she ended up in the hospital again. Once in the hopstial she fell into a comma. She looked so restless as if she was being attacked. The Doctors could n’t understand why she kept banging her wrist together. You see my mother was laying in the hosptial bed in a comma yet both of ther arms were up in the air and she banged both of her wrist together really hard… Again, I called Juantio and he showed up in the hosptial. I was on one side of her bed and my bother was on the other side. I just but knew my Lord was going to do something amazing. My brother said the followign (At that moment I had no idea what he was talking about).

    “Mom I know you hear me. Remember the Dream you told me? I will read you Psalm 91 in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit”.. As my brother was reading Psalm 91 I saw a light shine on my mother from head to toe and as the light was hovering over her the hands went down by her side and she had a smile on her face. She looked so peaceful.

    Then my brother gathered all of us, dad and all of my bro and sis, and told us what happened. it was then that the rest of the fam found out about what was going on. He told us that mom had told him of a dream which goes like this, ” I was in my bed and I saw black hands trying to grab me and take me ( remember my mom used to always wake up with bruises on her arms and legs) and then a dove flew and stood on the foot of my bed and you (Juantion) was reading me Psalms 91″…

    Well, God My God is Goood!!!!! This was a revelation to all of us of Gods amazing love for those who serve Him. You see my mom was supposed to look for God when she first got saved from the snare of the evil one ( first time in the hopsital the Lord saved her from death). Yet she did not look, search etc… The second time around she was being shackled, spiritually tied up that is why she was banging her wrist together and she looked so unease.

    The dream was a confirmation to my bro, to me and my entire household that God is real and His promises are endless. My mom died but she died in the Lord. The Lord took her b/4 she was taken by the evil one. She was going through a spiritual battle and the Lord won. Thank you Lord. I was hurt that my mom was gone but greatful that the Lord spared her. There is so much more to this story but I did not want to write it all b/c its too much.

    In sum, I just wanted anyone who is reading this to know that God is ALIVE. HE is real and all you have to do is ask, seek knock and He will respond.

    I am in the process of restoration, and the Lord keeps on telling me to “Be Still, and know that I am God”,. so I am trying to learn His meaning of Stillness b/c I have indeed seen His hands at work.

    God Bless , ps: Psalm 91 is very special to me b/c of what happened in my family. When you get a chance read it…

    • childofjesus says:

      Thank you for sharing..We give all Glory & Honour to one & only Living God Jesus Christ !!
      Thank you Lord for saving their entire household.

  8. My GOD is GOOD…….thank you for the encouragement…………

  9. Praise the Lord………God is wonderful and I thank him that he has shown up in the mist of your situation….
    What the devil meant for evil God turned around for good…
    Please dont ever forget this moment and what God did for you and your child 🙂

  10. Praise the Lord! What an awesome testimony!! I’m sure this will build others faith! Thank you for sharing! I join you in rejoicing!!!

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