Head vs Heart

Do you have intimacy issues? What I’m referring to here is, do you feel difficult to give your heart to anyone, to trust anyone, and to feel much at all? Many of us suffer from intimacy issues but don’t realise it. We are not able to feel the emotions of things very much and may even be removed from the actual emotions itself.

There are many reasons why this is so. It could be that we are afraid of being disappointed, we did not have the role modelling of significant others in our lives to show us how to get attach with our emotions, our brain protects us by shutting down in those aspects so we are able to cope with traumatic experiences. The list goes on but you get the idea. It’s a consequence of the imperfect world we live in.

So what happens when we can’t get to the heart issues, we use the left side of our brain more and the right side reduces (the part that makes us creative and gives us emotions). So we encounter God using more of the left brain than the right. We dwell more on the theology of God, the rationale, the logic… so the outcome is we think this: What’s not logical is not possible. What’s not logical is not right.

Rationale is good. Afterall, God made the left brain too for a reason… so we can reason :). But, when our right brain is deficient in functioning, then it will affect our judgment about things, and this includes our judgment about God and about the world we live in.

What I’m trying to say here is, if our experience of God only exist in the left brain (analytical based only), then we are not experiencing God in the whole entirety. We are missing out on the essence of life – to experience relationships to the fullest, with our Creator, with the significant people in our lives and with others. That’s the whole purpose of why God created us – to have an intimate relationship with us.

I have my own deficiencies in the right brain due to my own upbringing, and I have to remind myself each day to be still in the presence of my Father and to connect with Him in a relational way, not a head way. I need also to remind myself to connect with my kids and husband in a relational way, and not removed of emotions. Over the years (I gave my life to Christ since I was 8), I have accummulated knowledge of God, but the rubber only hit the road when I experience Him with my emotions in 1999.

I am writing this because there may be others out there who are struggling to maintain their passion for God. Passion involves emotions. If we only know of God, then it is difficult to be passionate about God and is would be difficult to live passionately for Christ. Our motivation comes knowing our Father intimately, in a relational way, from our Heart.

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