Hard Decisions

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34 NIV

Everyone cheers athletes that excel in their particular game. But the officials that maintain integrity are seldom recognized. What’s more, they are not always popular with everyone. All it takes is a call that many feel is a bad one and they’re hung in effigy. Sports writers and coaches occasionally make their impressions known. One official summed up the situation by saying, “The minute the game is over, we rush to a waiting van and we leave.”

All of this is to make sure that sports present an even playing field. If honesty and integrity were not adhered to, events would be catastrophic and games would probably never be completed. Given the increase of violence in games, officials need to make sure that they maintain control.

In a way, one could compare Jesus to sports officials. It’s not His purpose to be popular with any particular group of people. He is truth and insists that truth prevail at all times and in all situations. That does not always set well with many, especially those that are quick to set forth their favorite doctrines. But it can bring peace to those who search for truth in all that they do.

Jesus did come to bring a sword and has not changed. His truths cut through every facet of our lives. We need to open our hearts and allow His truth to hit the center of our hearts. It’s the only way we will ever have peace of mind in this life and throughout eternity.

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