hello, my name is lattisha im 21 years old and feel like im wasting my time being on earth. I hate to sound rude, but I often find myself questioning god on why he have me here. I don’t drink, smoke, nor party matter fact i don’t anything at all besides sit in the house. last year i had a child and gained some weight which is affecting me as well i feel ashamad of how i look and all. The father of my child has been in my life going on 8 years now and we are drifting apart. I no longer know what to do, i never felt so useless! I have his child why should he have a change of heart now? Im living with my mother and i know she tired of taking care of me, its like I just expect a job to come to me instead of me going out looking for one, what’s wrong with me? i don’t want to do a thing so aint i pretty much wasting my time being here?? Everynight I watch my child as she sleeps and i cry not just for me but for her because i have nothing to offer her, im a high school drop out who don’t want to do a thing. Its crazy how 2 years ago i was in love, working making my own money and enjoying life then a baby come in i lose everything!!

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  1. leanobabitse says:

    hello my sister
    first and foremost, God made all of us for a reason. each and everyone of us has a purpose on earth and it is our responsibility to find out exactly what it is.
    it seems to me that u have completely given up on life because things have not turned out as you had hoped or wanted. it appears that the main source of your problems is the relationship with your boyfriend.you had big plans and hopes and now everything seems to have come crashing down hey?
    my question for you is ‘are you a born again christian?’ if you are then u need to seriously look up to Him and ask for your breakthrough
    the bible says that u shud remember that for everything that you go through, the trials and tribulations, you are not the first,many people go through such things,but the Lord will NEVER allow you to be tried beyond your ability to withstand.

    the devil comes to steal,kill and destroy and it is evident that he is the one that has destoyed your relationship and stolen your purpose for life and peace of mind.

    God knows that whatever the situation you are going through,u have the divine ability to overcome and emerge a better person. just kneel down and pray fervently for a breakthrough.ask Him to help you get your life back on track, to give u the boldness and ability to walk away from everything and start your life afresh. speak boldly against the DEVIL and the kingdom of darkness and confess with your mouth that NO weapon fashioned against you, your sanity, your child and your hapiness shall prosper..
    look up to the Lord Tish and put all your worries on Him for He cares for you. focus on getting your life back on track and dont rely on someone else to do that for you(eg mom, boyfriend). 1thessalonians highlights that you should make it your aim to work with your hands and make an honest living so that you do not have to depend on anyone…Take practical steps,leave the house and get a job,or just something to keep yourself busy eg volunteering,in the meantime.

    in a nutshell dear, remember that you have the power to overcome your problems through Christ who lives in you.just lift your faith and believe. i know its easier said than done, but what do u have to lose??? test and see that the Lord is good.

    let me pray for you; Father, in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, i interceed on behalf of Lattisha. Lord, you know her problems for she is your daughter and i pray that you strengthen her and give her the devine ability to overcome her circumstances. Fight her battles on her behalf, Lord and resolve her problems. teach her to trust You and only You and to never despair because You care for her and You ensure that all things work together for the good of those who love you.
    i speak against the kingdom of darkness knowing that the devil is responsible for everything that this child is going through.give her the ability,strength,boldness to resist the devil because if she resists him, he will flee away and stop tormenting her . i thank you Father for everything that you have done in her life, for indeed all good things come from you. i thank you for her restoration, her deliverence and the transformation of her mindset. i thank you that she can now walk straight and upright knowing that she has a purpose here on earth and that you are watching over her day and night to protect her and lead her in the path to righteousness. thank you Lord for being a God of mercy and grace, thank you for watching over your word to perform it. in the name of your son Jesus Christ i pray.amen

    God bless you my sister..

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