hello, my name is lattisha im 21 years old and feel like im wasting my time being on earth. I hate to sound rude, but I often find myself questioning god on why he have me here. I don’t drink, smoke, nor party matter fact i don’t anything at all besides sit in the house. last year i had a child and gained some weight which is affecting me as well i feel ashamad of how i look and all. The father of my child has been in my life going on 8 years now and we are drifting apart. I no longer know what to do, i never felt so useless! I have his child why should he have a change of heart now? Im living with my mother and i know she tired of taking care of me, its like I just expect a job to come to me instead of me going out looking for one, what’s wrong with me? i don’t want to do a thing so aint i pretty much wasting my time being here?? Everynight I watch my child as she sleeps and i cry not just for me but for her because i have nothing to offer her, im a high school drop out who don’t want to do a thing. Its crazy how 2 years ago i was in love, working making my own money and enjoying life then a baby come in i lose everything!!

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