My mentor from my church keeps insisting that I do not partake in any traditions on halloween or allow my daughter to partake in them either. My family was never very religious when I was growing up, and I have always felt that we were “non-practicing” Christians, if you will. As a kid, I always dressed up as a princess or something cute like that, and went trick-or-treating. We also had halloween festivals at my schools where we dressed up, got candy, and played games and there was even a dance. I always saw it as harmless fun, and we absolutely never participated in any pagan rituals. We never did any “satan worshipping.” Satan never even crossed my mind during all the fun on halloween. I have recently been saved, and am still having issues letting go of certain television programs, music, movies, and now halloween. And as my daughter gets older, I know she is going to feel disappointed that all of her classmates are out trick-or-treating and she’s stuck inside. So my question is this… even if we perceive halloween as an “American” tradition where you dress up as something cute or comical (nothing wicked), and eat candy… is this considered partaking in the glorification of satan? Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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