My mentor from my church keeps insisting that I do not partake in any traditions on halloween or allow my daughter to partake in them either. My family was never very religious when I was growing up, and I have always felt that we were “non-practicing” Christians, if you will. As a kid, I always dressed up as a princess or something cute like that, and went trick-or-treating. We also had halloween festivals at my schools where we dressed up, got candy, and played games and there was even a dance. I always saw it as harmless fun, and we absolutely never participated in any pagan rituals. We never did any “satan worshipping.” Satan never even crossed my mind during all the fun on halloween. I have recently been saved, and am still having issues letting go of certain television programs, music, movies, and now halloween. And as my daughter gets older, I know she is going to feel disappointed that all of her classmates are out trick-or-treating and she’s stuck inside. So my question is this… even if we perceive halloween as an “American” tradition where you dress up as something cute or comical (nothing wicked), and eat candy… is this considered partaking in the glorification of satan? Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question, and with such efficiency! I greatly appreciate it. I have been debating this within myself, I’ve researched and researched about the origins of halloween and have started discussions with all of my family and friends. I asked my Christian friends as well as my non-religious friends what their opinion is on the subject, but really the Bible taught me more about this subject. My Christian friend told me if I’m debating it so much it is probably because God is trying to tell me not to partake in this “holiday.” So after a lot of research and debating on the subject I have decided to not let my daughter participate on halloween. I may take her to do something else that day, like go to church. My daughter is still a toddler and doesn’t understand, and won’t even miss out on anything for halloween. But as she gets older I’m going to keep teaching her about God and His word, and when she begins to wonder why she can’t go trick-or-treating I will try my best to explain to her that it is based on unholiness and God doesn’t like it. I just hope she will understand.

    • Hello, I just joined this site yesterday,so I’m sorry that I reply to your question now,it’s probably over a year since you posted it. But I just wanted to say-it’s wonderful to meet christians like you and like that lady who responded to your question and I want to encourage you in that stand you are taking. Rom 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will”.
      Another translation even says:” Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think..” I actually came from completely another culture-born in Russia, then when I was in my 20’s I moved to Israel ,lived there 11 yrs, then got married and moved to USA. Before I moved here I thought that american culture is predominantly christian so I could not get what Halloween is all about (I never ‘ve even heard about that”holiday” before)and when I studied what it is I became even more surprised..also I still wonder why the Day of Ressurection is called by an ancient name of goddes Ishtar(Ashtoreth) -Easter and why christians allow their kids to dress like “easter” bunnies -to worship to goddess of furtility?? (Ashtoreth was the goddess of war and fertility, called Ishtar by Assyrians and Babylonians)Well, God even said in His word that he hates that name and it is amazing to me that the most Holy day is called now exactly by this pagan name!So I never call it “easter”… Well, anyway,I was so pleased to see your question here and response to it! Please be encouraged-you are not alone Not celebrating that
      ‘holiday”. May God bless you richly!!! Marina.

  2. warrior daughter says:

    I am surprized that noone has answered your question.
    Halloween is considered a holiday. Banks, schools, government offices may not be closed but stores consider it a money making holiday. The word holiday actuallly means holy day. To understand halloween better one needs to research it origins & it comes from darkness & not light.

    I became a Christian as a young widowed mother of 3 daughters. I read extensively about halloween & decided to teach my children not to particpiate.This was very hard to do since schools allowed halloween parties during school hours. I am now a grandmother & my daughters have allowed my grandchildren to particpate & I see this as rebellion. It does not help when a church that is blood bought, full gospel has a carnival on halloween allowing costumes. Their reasoning is that they are not celebrating halloween but harvesttime. At first the costumes were to be nice costumes but now anything goes ie zombies ghouls, ghosts, witches ect…The church has had this carnival for 30 years & every year it gets further & further from God. The carnival also is a money making venture for the church but what is at stake here??The money takes pretense over the very souls of those who attend.

    The Word of God which is our guide book/map for this life has much to say about playing around in the devil’s territory..

    2 Corinthians 6:17
    Come out from among them & be seperate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean & I will receive you.
    God is telling us do not be like those who do not know me but seperate yourself from things, don’t particpate in things that are an abomination (evil &, defileing) to the Lord.

    We are to avoid anything that will make our body or soul unholy. We show respect for God by obeying & not by doing what others may be doing.

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