Guidance – How Does it Work?

I quote from a highly thought provoking piece by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke:


Paul and his colleagues never seemed anxious about guidance. We are not told they prayed to know God’s leading, but they “concluded” He always did (Acts 16,10 NKJ). God DOES guide, no doubt. I point this out, though many anxiously and sincerely seek to know every morning God’s directions for the day. To pray is always good, anyway. But Paul took it by faith that God would keep him on track. Some worry that God may have spoken and they were not listening. Paul was not like that. I assume that if God had something to say He will not whisper. He would make sure He was heard. A father would not keep a son guessing about his wishes, nor would the heavenly Father. Some came to Paul with prophetic warnings and words from the Lord, but he never deviated from what he knew his course should be. “None of these things move me”, he said. (Acts 20:24) God does not change His mind every half day. Spiritual sayings are bandied about like Scripture. One of them is: “Don’t move till God tells you”. Moses was the first to say it. He told the tribes of Israel. “Fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord”. A noble assumption, but God told Moses to stop praying and get off the ground. He said “Speak to the children of Israel that they go forward”. (Ex. 14:13-15) When you hear “stand still” it’s Rev. Moses speaking; when you hear “go forward” its God speaking. Let’s go forward today in the name of Jesus. REINHARD BONNKE 

What do others think about this? I really want to hear your views.

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