Greetings from Sweden

Hi, I’m 15 years and I’ve been a christian since I was 6 or 7~. I’ve just started highschool. I like to go to church, read the bible and to play computer sometimes (I used to play games every day). But now since I feel the end is really near I’ve started reading the bible every day and looking at christian sites and forums.

I saw Jesus after waking up crying after a nightmare when I was 6 or 7, and he told me not to be afraid. It changed my life. Jesus protected me when I was 6/7/8 or so, and got over run by a scooter and fell into a thorn bush (but didn’t get a scratch!), some random who saw this even wore me all the way to my home. He protected me when I fell backwards on ice (didn’t get hurt) and when I fell sideways on ice (I didn’t get hurt). When I was more depressed than ever, I saw a golden shining orb for a brief second 🙂

But I haven’t taken act and read the bible, prayed and gone to church until now. I never read the bible before and didn’t prefer to go to church before because I thought it was boring. But now that I realised how important the faith is and to keep it growing and living. Jesus opened my eyes and my heart, and I really wish I had been living in his will earlier.

I’ve started living by his will and now I’m spirit baptised and soon I’m water baptised too. I’ve been a bit of a porn, masturbation addict before (not addict maybe), but I made it a habit. I’ve done it for a long time even though my parents told me it was of the devil (they never knew I watched porn though, they just warned) and I never prayed about it, I kept doing it a few times after asking for forgiveness of the sin to jesus. But now I decided I’ll never do it again and I want to live a better life in his ways.

I have aspergers syndrome and I’ve had a tough school attendance. I’ve been a real troublemaker in ground school and kindergarten.

And I’ve been taking medication like Promethazine (until I was 9 maybe), Concerta (until I was 10 or so), Hydroxizine (stopped in march), Stilnoct (used for max 1 week) and Melatonin (stopped in july I think) for my aspergers/sleep issues.

When I was 13~ I struggled with sound hallucinations for a month, and some of the same usual voices I hallucinated also came up in nightmares, it was horrible.

I haven’t had any friends and have been bullied almost the whole last year in groundschool (14-15~) I’m born late, else it would be 15-16.

My parents are christian. But sadly, my mum is in the bondage of medications. And she had a surgery for both of her hands, for what the “experts” were assured of was Carpal tunnel syndrome, but when they checked her nerve pathways, it wasn’t carpal tunnel syndrome, so the surgery made it worse, her hands are always cold and stiff.

And she’s a smoking addict (been a smoking addict for like 18 years). And she has ADHD, she has fibromyalgia. She has to take depression pills and sleep pills always. She has sleeping problems, she has to hold her hand up or something like that when she sleeps, or it hurts. She has some problems with her back too I think. Due to all this, she can’t go to church on sundays, she cant wake up that early (8 AM)

Both my parents are unemployed, my dad had a job as a janitor on a kindergarten, but the manager got into a conflict with the bank and the manager put it on my dad and fired him. Now he can’t find any job here in town, also, he got tinnitus and some back problems. They are on disability benifit/pension. I’m the only kid home, my oldest sister (24 years I think) is married and the 2 years younger sister is only in a relation (been for like 4 years), so we have everything we have enough money for food atleast, and I’m thankful for Jesus helping us with that.

My dad is a smoker too, but he quitted it many times, but went back because I think he don’t want to make mum feel alone in it so shes the only smoker, and feel sad that she never gets deliverance from it.

So I’ve had a kinda harsh, anxious life.

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