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For a long time I’ve wanted to return to the church and I wanted to be moved much like those I would see at a religious temple near my home. I would go there and I would see people singing, hands in the air, speaking in tongues and pacing up and down the isle with their petitions. I must say then, it was merely entertainment because I come from a Catholic/Baptist background. My father is Baptist but stopped attending church years ago and after he remarried, my step mother now took me and my younger brother to church (Catholic) twice weekly. Anywho these were things that I had never seen before and as a result I didn’t really understand nor believed in them. I eventually left this church and began attending a Catholic church but I did not stay there long because it was predominately of one ethnic group and the priest reminded me of an old AME church pastor. I desired a diverse congregation but with a traditional flavor to the deliverance of the word. I finally found a church just as a I descibed, that was literally just around the corner. Althought I am content with the way mass is conducted I had not recieved that spiritual moving.
It was yesterday while at work, I now decided that I would like to “Google” websites that had Christian Testimonies of healings. I am dealing with two ailments one of which I have been dealing with for 3 years and another one that came about most recently. Anyway that is how I discovered this website. I started from the menu bar and worked my way down. I was so moved by the prayers provided for healing, consecration and things of that nature. I cried so much that I could almost could not breathe. At this very moment my left nostril is blocked because my emotions were so feverish that I started to drain my sinuses. I hope this website continues to give me some of the material I need to get where it is that I want to be … walking along side Christ. I ask for everyone’s prayer during this crucial stage of my return to the arms of Christ and trust that I will extend my prayers to you all as well. God bless you everyone.


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  1. Hey we can all encourage each other in this.

    Walking along side Christ is an amazing thing if it is genuinely happening.

    I feel His presence with me even though I am perplexed by what I am going through and so on. It is good to encourage one another because I can assure you that there are evil powers out there constantly working to bring us all down.

    We have to get our thoughts in the right place. A lot of our troubles and fallings begin with just a thought.

  2. fishiigoroar says:

    LoL sounds like u are really hungering for Christ and for his healing. hmm =D i have been to a few churches, Anglican and Methodist and from my own experience i can say that the pentecostal churches filled with the Holy Spirit are the churches to go to =D. Remembering though that it is not church that saves us, but Jesus. I’m pretty sure u can find the same experience in other churches that realli have the precense and power of the Holy Spirit amongst them but for me =D the church i’ve attended and will begin to attend more is pentecostal.

    U can seriously feel the Lords precense in a place like it. Its an awesome feeling >=) !!!! It made me burst into tears XD.. but not because of sadness… but because i had the strangest feeling that i was being understood and comforted. Awesome feeling XDDDD!!! LOL

    And when they begin to speak in toungues this unsual but pleasant feeling beings to stir within me XD. I haven’t received the baptism in the Holy Spirit so i can’t speak tounges just yet myself. But haha thats one of the things i’m seeking for XD.

    Well =D i do hope this site gives you the insight u need to continue your walk with Christ Jesus =D.

    God Bless.

    • Please check out

      and tell me if God ministers to you through it.



      • fishiigoroar says:

        LoL i have read the section 2x over alreadii haha and it is slowly giving me confidence to act in faith when receiving the Holy Spirit. I am still a little doutbfu. But this verse u mentioned

        :: Luke 11:13, “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him”. ::

        I will certainly meditate on that till i have the faith needed to act in faith when i receive the Holy Spirit. I also read your section on “Prayers to Receive from God” that also has given light to my situation ! =D. LoL and i can say part of me not receiving this blessing could very well be due to my unforgiveness to some ppl. Last night i told the Lord God i forgave these people. Tonight i will begin to memorize n meditate on Luke 11:13 to build my faith to realise =D a promise He has made to me and He will fulfill it ^^.

        LoL after reading the section on receiving the Holy Spirit in “Prayers to Receive from God” i got a lil worried about the bit where i should speak out syllables. Like lol D= wat do i say haha… i realli have this nagging thought that keeps telling me i’ll look like a fool T.T lol. Can i actualli speak normal words instead of random syllables instead, for the Holy Spirit to manifest within me =D ? The fact that i have to mumble syllables scares me a bit LOL >< . I'm not a very confident person lol... i feel more inclined to have a Pastor pray for me aswell rather then i just asking for it myself... alot of this has to do with my lack of faith in this matter. Because i had asked my pastor back in Malaysia to pray for me that i may receive the Holy Spirit, but i didn't. LoL and, no, i know so and strongly believe it was not the pastors fault, it was my own because i didn't even try mumble anything out >< was too scary for me haha... >.> cause there were many other ppl around when i was gettin baptized lol. Since then even though it was my own fault that i didn’t receive the Holy Spirit’s empowerment.. i sumtimes still think perhaps the Lord is telling me i’m still not readii for it. But that just isn’t right ! LoL the Lord wants to give me this great and wonderful gift !

        I feel a little confused agian after typing that all out >.> kinda keep getting clouded and confused on this matter. I shall read again the section in “Prayers to Receive from God” to do with receiving the Holy Spirt, and i shall re-read the link u have offered me to read.

        Thx Michael >=) ! Haha the contents u’ve authoured in this site is soooo veri veri useful XDD !!! God Bless ya.

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