Great Tribulation!

The question is as simple as this: what is great tribulation,who will participate,why?

Scripture backed opinions please!!
Be blessed
Ev. Steve

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  1. wiselady says:

    Christ does not come until the sixth seal, if you read Zechariah 14, it clearly states after the earthquake he comes, this would be the same earthquake as revelation 11, notice the celebrating after the quake?

    same one.

    Revelation 15 makes it clear that no one can enter the temple until the seven plagues done by seven angels are completed,

    with this being said a dual activity will be done

    as the sun is darkening (since we can not live without a sun)
    then he will send his Angels to gather his elect

    like a double whammy sort of thing

    the seventh seal speaks of the second quake, that would be the earthquake mentioned at the end of the plagues, the largest that anyone has seen

    so your answer will be everyone will participate, but it will be shortened for the elect

    once the abomination that cause desolation is set up, 1290 days later the plagues start, then 45 days later, Christ will come, blessed are those who endure patiently, that is what that means blessed those who wait unti 1335 days are completed,

    so for 45 days it will be like a little hell on earth,

    but that is shortened right///

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