Grace From India

Dear all,

I am very glad to share my testimony with u all. I was born in south India in a hindu family. Hindus r very staunch idol worshippers. When I was in 14 yrs old my friend who is also a hindu said that she has changed to a Christian hearing her an evangelist’s testimony. This evangelist was also a hindu.

When I met this person she told me her testimony. When she heard that jesus is the only true god she started asking god , if u r the only true god why do u allow other gods(idols) to exist. People say miracles happen even when they go to hindu temple know. She was praying for an answer everyday n one day god showed her a vision. He showed how he created angels before creating man n how he made Lucifer the head of angels. He also showed her how Lucifer became jealous n turned himself against god n man n fell down on the earth. Lucifer n his angel companions fell down on earth n each became an idol. When she told this to me I got totally convinced n believed jesus.

Since then I have accepted him as my personal saviour n have been praying only to him. As I mentioned earlier to u we r hindus n therefore I had a lot of problems from my family, friends n teachers. All this happened when I was 14. I was isolated in the class. By god’s grace I stood for him n proclaimed him where ever I went.

Now a days I don’t tell people about me being saved.

Probably my zeal is reduced. I am doing my masters n in my new college I didn’t want to be isolated as I was in my school. So I remain a secret believer. I do feel guilty abt it. at heart I pray only to jesus, but I don’t proclaim him. Jesus has provided me with all my needs, helped me when I was sick, helped me in my exams n in any other problem I got involved with. I receive all the benefits from him but I don’t give testimony at all because of my fear. I am afraid to openly announce my faith in Christianity.

So sometimes I feel guilty n I feel that I’m only using god for the blessings. I also fear that if I remain a seret believer will I be taken in his coming, will I go to heaven. I defly don’t want to go to hell. So ive decided to give my testimony thru mail. This is my first testimony. Hereafter whatever help god does to me I will testify for it, be it big or small thru email .

After typing this mail my heart feels so light,

Praise the lord,

Please pray for the salvation of my family,


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