Goths At Church

There is more to being a Goth than being part of a youth sub-culture!

Why are marginalised, troubled or shy kids attracted to this culture?

Why would a Christian want to dress in dark clothes and listen to angry, chaotic music?

In a previous church there were several goths. These eventually ended up on wider leadership as worship leaders and on the finance committee. This was a huge worry.

One associate of these goths who was apparantly a ‘new believer’ even came to church with bat wings, a wizard stick and a plaited wizard beard.

Obviously it is better for him to be in church and be exposed to the truth than not to hear at all, but if he was supposed to be a Christian and had been coming for at least a year, why did he still feel it was ok to look like that?

I would enjoy opening this up for discussion.

Let me know what you think.

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