Got a Job after 3 years 8 months

This is my personal experience of Jesus Christ these past these three years and eight months. I discovered the real reason why I was unable to secure a job. I had a bachelor’s of engineering degree from Mumbai, India and a Master’s of Science in Computer Science from one of the top Universities in the US. I interviewed at practically every major firm and various startup companies but some issues would come up and block me from getting hired. Some of the reasons that I was given included; we are currently in the process of our second round of funding and resources are tight, you have the necessary skills but I’m not sure about your managerial skills, etc. When I was on one type of visa, I noticed that the jobs needed another visa type. After changing my visa type, different problems arose and the list continued.

I was physically fine but spiritually sick. The three reasons being:

1. Generational curse
2. Involvement with the occult
3. Charismatic spells/witchcraft

I will give you a brief description of each and how it affected me.

Both my parents’ families were practicing Roman Catholics, saying the rosary every day, going to church every Sunday. However, we all used to frequent Hindu babas/tantric’s, this is our involvement with occult . We all thought that they had special powers which Christians and catholic priests’ don’t have. I feel so foolish now, thinking back on my past. The reason we used to visit these places was because of spells cast on us by families and because of their ability to be able to inform us about the future. But what these Hindu tantric’s do, is they communicate with evil spirits to know the future, something I learnt as time went by. They bring in evil and strong demons to suppress the current problem but they cannot cast it out. We can cast out Satan only in Jesus’ name, for Jesus says in Mark 3:23-24, “…….How can Satan cast out Satan, If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand ”.This only opens the doors to Satan in one’s life as is in the case of my parents and myself. The people who perform these rituals are manipulated into thinking they are talking to good spirits. This is why Jesus says, “…the devil is a liar and the father of it…’’ (John 8:44).

At one point in time, we realized this was wrong and met a Catholic priest who we thought was gifted with the Holy Spirit. We assumed that we needed a priest to get deliverance. This priest gave me some powder to eat. Trusting him, I ate the powder but I didn’t have a good feeling about it. On reaching home, I drank holy water and vomited immediately. We then switched to another Catholic priest; this was the worst decision. I stayed in contact with him for six years which lead to charismatic witchcraft. My family and I (along w/extended family) put our complete trust in this priest thinking that God would answer his prayers and not our personal prayers. We did everything that he asked us to do whether it was prayers or donations. I went to this priest for the smallest matter, be it an exam, an interview, a problem with a friend. In return, he would indirectly ask my parents for donations. Money for prayers is totally wrong and my family and I were blinded before we realized this. The purpose of a priest is to guide us to get closer to God and not closer to him. He knew what we were thinking before we could ask him and he used it to manipulate us. As this priest was praying contrary to God’s will, Satan now hears his prayers. His prayers were a form of manipulation where God’s will did not matter. Whatever we asked him, he would pray on it, Satan heard it (resulting in Charismatic spells) and we would get what we wanted and then give the priest a donation. This is not how God works but we knew little at that time. We cannot demand God to give us what we want. As we get closer to God, our will is in synch with God’s will for us. It is the Spirit of Divination/python spirit (Please see Acts16:16-18.) that was prophesying through this priest. While we were in contact with this priest, based on his advice we surrounded our house with crucifixes and pictures of Jesus/mother Mary. Also, I experienced a lot of movements on my bed during the 6 years I was with this priest. At that time, we thought we were coming out of occult and assumed this was part of the process. The more this happened to me, the more I went to the priest. He had even gone to say it was my grandfather who was coming on my bed. Another lay man confirmed this. People used to call this lay man “brother” because he said he was gifted with the Holy Spirit and could tell people their sins. Today, I know this is all from the evil. Once a person dies, he can longer contact the living. The thing that was attacking me is a familiar spirit or an evil spirit pretending to be my grandfather, Leviticus 19:31. While still in touch with this priest, we got in contact with an exorcist Roman Catholic priest. On switching to the exorcist priest, the movements on the bed and horrible dreams reduced significantly but didn’t stop. He prayed a lot but couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting a job. The three reasons I mentioned above were suggested by the exorcist priest but there was still no improvement in my job. We left the previous priest after he asked me stop calling him. This is the only thing that he couldn’t achieve for me and it was a blessing because it helped me learn a lot. This is when John 10:12 makes perfect sense. “But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees;….”

Once again, I/we fell into the trap; I kept on contacting this exorcist Catholic priest via email and phone. When I ultimately decided to stop writing to the priest, I experienced some movement on my bed while asleep that same night. This is when my mother realized that Satan wanted us to go on writing to this priest. In this way I was putting my trust in man and not in God. After 3 months, I again wrote to this priest as I still hadn’t got a job. This is where I fell from the right path again, due to fear (i.e. my lack of trust in God). I ultimately realized that I was the one with the problem.
It was very tough for me, since for the first time, I was not going to trust anyone but God directly by praying to Jesus. It was during this time, I started reading the bible, I watched many videos on YouTube and read articles/testimonies on the internet, on how we have be given authority to use Jesus’ name to drive out demons/evil spirits/legions (Luke 10:19). I verified this with the bible. Before I did my research on the internet, I would pray because a lot of stuff on the internet is false but a lot of small time people’s testimonies are true which built my trust in Jesus, the son of God and God himself. My parent’s started tithing and were immediately faced with problems. Initially, the check (donation) that my parents gave to the church got misplaced, we thought maybe this is not what we were supposed to do but in due course we knew that we were supposed to tithe and that the misplacement of the check was just an obstacle. After my parent’s made a determined effort to tithe, my father lost his job. The bible says, “Those you ought to have done without leaving the others undone” Mathew 23:23. My father used to earn a very good salary but it was never sufficient. This was our generational curse, we were not in a state of poverty but money was never sufficient. When my father’s salary was increased, the expenses were always more than what he earned. By the end of the month, money earned was just enough to pay our bills. My father lost his job a couple of months back after tithing. Prior to this job, my father used to visit either the Hindu Baba’s and they would do a puja or go to the Catholic priest who had the spirit of divination as mentioned above in order to get a new job. Through him (Charismatic witchcraft) my father got this job, that’s why I believe it has been taken away. If you think about it spiritually, Satan had given my father a job, now we want to tithe/give the money to the church. My grandfather too frequented these (Hindu) places and I was doing the same as well. In addition I took it a step further by staying in touch with Catholic priests for prayers by putting my complete trust in them.

In short, delving into the occult i.e. breaking the first commandment will result in opening yourself to curses. I strongly feel we were under the curse of Deuteronomy 28. But today I know that I am released from the curse because, with the current job offer, the company I interviewed at wanted me to join their team. In the past, I had to write to the HR enquiring about my status, some of which would respond. Deuteronomy 28:13 “And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them”.
By Jesus’ blood which he shed on the cross and his stripes we are healed. We are already healed as the price has been paid on the cross. We need to claim this healing and have a lot of trust in Jesus and patience. Satan can only delay but ultimately God’s will, will be accomplished. Jesus is the good shepherd.

We have removed all the excess crucifixes and pictures in our house with only the altar, as we trust in Jesus. We stopped attending daily mass as a rule but attend Sunday mass at a Catholic church as the church is founded by Christ with St. Peter as the head(Mathew 16:18) and our Holy father Pope Benedict as his successor. My family and I were attracted to the wrong priest as the demon related to the occult wasn’t ready to leave and thus we were directed to the religious demon and spirit of divination via Charismatic witchcraft but now we are free! We each prayed to be healed from the root and to make us a new tree. “We now are the seed of Abraham and share in his inheritance (Galatians 3:29).”
By Jesus’ grace and mercy, he has revealed this to me and my family through prayer. I know my ancestors never changed. Just as God led the Jews out of slavery from Egypt and were given manna. In the same way, God provided me everything I needed and I never skipped paying a bill. During this process my family and I had to change from our old ways.

In late 2010, when my parents visited me in the US, my father (and family) visited each of his three sisters who live in the US. One of my fathers’ sister’s was involved in casting a spell on my mother at the time of their marriage. As a result there wasn’t any communication for 28 years. My mother spoke with my fathers’ sister and told her that she had forgiven her, the relations didn’t change. The next day my sister (who is in college) and I, both got calls for job interviews but neither interview went through successfully. I believe this was part of our healing but there was more. When my father and mother returned to India, he called his brother. My father was surprised his brother wanted to give him a check as part of his share of the property. It took a while to obtain it but with prayers my parents got the check and paid their tithe to the church.

In a matter of days, I got a job at a startup company New York City, paying more than what I was expecting along with my visa transfer. You need spiritual eyes to understand this process. Healing was needed from the root. It’s not just prayers/faith but faith and work together. “Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect” (James 2:22).
It was an experience I needed. Today, I am also able to sleep well without any movements on my bed and without any horrible dreams about huge snakes/ train crashing/doll piercing etc. Prior to this healing, we used to constantly meet people who would come to us randomly either in the church or any other place willing to pray over us or give us holy pictures. Today these doors are shut and we are no longer approached by the above mentioned type of people.

Summary: My case was that of self-deliverance. No pastor or priest could resolve this problem. Only the exorcist priest gave us the source of our problem but we had to do the major part.
There are two ways to drive evil spirits/demons out of your life.
In some situations you need to identify the problem which caused them to enter. Once identified, they will leave. In other cases, they have come in by legal right into your life. For this I say a prayer commanding Satan to leave in Jesus’ name, just as Jesus and the apostles commanded and drove out demons and evil spirits. Acts 16:18,”…..I command you in the name of Jesus Christ come out of her”. There is no other name on heaven and on earth that is more powerful than the name of Jesus Christ and we have the authority to use his name (Luke 10:20). While saying the commanding prayer, you can also bind Satan (Mark 3:27) and cast him out.

My sister also got an on-campus job which she was unable to secure for the past 3 years. There are still two issues pending, my father is yet to get a job and the relationships that I had are completely broken. Even a simple visit to a store would result in some kind of an argument. The priest prayed on my name and anything that had my name was a problem. For instance, receiving mail, different issues with my resume came up due to my name etc. Each and every prayer said by that priest, what I now call a curse (charismatic spell), had to be broken and the evil spirit cast out. The issue with my name is now completely resolved. In the area of relationships, there is an improvement but still there is a lot of room for improvement. All glory and honor be to God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit and I thank the Queen of heaven, our eternal mother, Mother Mary for her intercession.

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