God’s Word Promotes Learning and Knowledge

God’s Word Promotes Learning and Knowledge

from “The Power of God’s Word” by Michael Fackerell

The Book of Proverbs tells us that the heart of the wise seeks knowledge. The Scriptures promote not only the knowledge of the Scriptures themselves, but also the knowledge of God’s world, how it works and how we may better serve others. The Scriptures therefore have been a major impetus behind the development of both Science and Technology.

Because Christians understand how important it is for people to know the message of God, Christians have always been motivated to educate people to be able to read – mostly so that they can read God’s Word, the Holy Scriptures, themselves. It was this concern that people know the truth which shaped the development of the written English language, and incidentally, just about every written form of any Indian language.

Christians have frequently been leaders in education because we understand the commission of Jesus to “teach all nations” does include the teaching of many facets of knowledge.

It is the Bible which has motivated multitudes to increase in true knowledge and has sparked off in many hearts the quest for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and the Love of Truth.

This is, of course, very powerful. That’s why I encourage you to consider joining with organisations like the Bible League which promote Literacy through Bible Learning. It is very important for people to learn to read and write. Then they can know more fully what the LORD God wants for them.

I’m also working on my own literacy through Bible programs. Contact us if you’d like to help our Foundation to achieve our goals.

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