God’s Word Blesses Family Life

God’s Word blesses Family Life

from the Series “The Power of God’s Word” by Michael Fackerell

Unhappy broken families are a common thing in postmodern Australia, and the spread of pagan hedonistic culture around the world has only made it worse. How much better if we follow the way revealed in the Bible as the ideal, where one man leaves his father and mother and cleaves to his wife, so that God can have godly offspring. The Bible teaches men to be faithful to their wives, for women to be chaste, and for children to be obedient to their parents. Although these instructions put a curb on the fulfilment of human sexual impulses, this might be likened to putting limits on the use of fire in a household. Fire is good in the fireplace. Outside of the fireplace, fire will hurt you and could cause you to lose your house, your family, and everything of value.

Jesus revealed that the purpose of God in making man and woman and instituting marriage was that there be a marriage relationship of fidelity between one man and one woman. However you choose to interpret Jesus’ words on divorce, you will have to agree that He hates it. The marriage relationship is intended to be also a picture of Christ’s relationship with us, the church.

Societies and religions that teach sexual promiscuity have a lot of broken, hurting people as a result. Many children grow up without knowing who their father is. There is animosity and tension as children are shuffled around from one house to the next. These things were much less in the days when the Scriptures were given a place of honor in the home, in the schools and in the halls of justice and government.

When husbands obey the Word of God and sacrificially love their wives the result is happiness all round. The same thing applies when wives respect their husbands and their leadership in the home.

It is also true that societies which teach that polygamy is acceptable also tend to degrade women and make many of them unhappy. The Word of God in the New Testament teaches that man can either remain single or marry just one woman. The Bible discourages serial polygamy through divorce and remarriage. In this way, the Scriptures provide a moral framework of security and love for women and children. This creates a blessing for families, and in turn, for the entire society.

Western society has been progressively abandoning traditional morality and the protection of the family and children in favor of pleasing those who wish to indulge their lusts at the expense of others. As this culture has spread, chiefly through the agency of television, it has wreaked havoc on family life. The Word of God needs to be heard more because it is a form of moral light which brings a blessing wherever it is heard and accepted.

The spreading and teaching of the Word of God is the best antidote for cultural decay and the best foundation for the promotion of happy, prosperous families filled with love and security.

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