God’s Will vs My Will

So I applied for all these internships and was able to get into an internship through my school and in one day total last minute miraculously my current job is going to allow me to leave early and complete the internship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My son’s father, at first he wasn’t going to help me, but we prayed that God would soften his heart, and he agreed to temporarily change our exchange schedule so that I can graduate this summer. I had trouble adding the class and then got help at the school and was able to add it by Thursday. Then the cost of the class is 3 units at $315 per unit, $945. I can barely keep food on the table as a single Mother so I was overwhelmed and thought well, maybe they will allow me to set up a payment plan, but on the website the school clearly states that during the summer they don’t offer that, and I have to come up with $945 by this Monday. So I prayed and God gave me the idea to ask if people would sponsor me so that I can graduate this summer. So far, 8 people are going to sponsor me with $50 each, so I have $400 for the $945 cost of the class.

Amazing right!!!! Well, the dream job that I wanted so bad last weekend now doesn’t seem so dreamy anymore, because now I just want to finish my degree. I have already to agreed to interview with the “dream job” and requested next Wednesday off so that I can interview, but now I don’t want the job, I may not even be considered because the job requires a degree and I don’t technically have my degree until after I graduate. If I were to get this job, I might not be able to finish my internship as they probably wouldn’t allow me to take time off to complete my degree. This job would be a contract position and it might pay really well, but I would have to be to work at 6am and I have a 3 1/2 year old. This job just doesn’t seem like a very likely fit for me, now I just want to complete my degree.

So, I often get so confused, I just don’t know when I’m making the right decision, or if I’m following God’s will or my will. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 say’s “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” In all these different circumstances, God is teaching me to go to God for everything. My instinct tells me, that I need to call and cancel my interview with this “dream job company” because it has so many red flags coming up. I think that I just need to finish my degree and wait, I feel that once I finish my degree and take my time, that God is going to bless me with a position that will pay well and give me the hours that I need and the location that I desire.

So if there is anybody out there who is following my blog, what do you think I should do? Should I just go to the interview, and miss a day of work, which I need the money to pay my current bills, and possibly get an offer to a job that I just don’t feel will work with me, just because the pay is good? Or should I stick it out with my current job, who is allowing me to complete my internship while I work and wait till I graduate before I go out job hunting?

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