God`s Holy spirit when required for the occasion – a time of need

Sat outside the railway syayion in my little car, I was.  The wife had gone to get a timetable, as you do at certain times of the year  Dunno why, we didn`t have the money to afford such a luxury (we both like trains) because I was out of work and up to my overdraft limit at the bank.  We were embarking on our shopping trip of the week, and were in a state of uncertainty as to whether the piece of plastic would actually do it`s intended job.  Like pay for the groceries.

 So while wifey was in the station building I prayed about this.  And opened my bible as I was prone to do at times of need.  At random, my eyes resting where they will.  Psalm 116 came to view so I read it.  It was encouraging enough, then I came to the bit in the middle which said “When your faith has come to an end, keep on believing” (Good News version, wording mine, near enough – other versions do not have this interpretation) which did register.  It registered enough to generate joy.


I told my better half when she got back.  It registered with her also.  To the degree that the joy overrode the depression we`d previously felt about the shopping trip.  And when we went round the supermarket that joy continued, we both felt so good.  To the degree that if our payment card had been refused we couldn`t have cared less, no matter who was in the queue behind us.  We were totally unconcerned.


It went through.  It wasn`t long after thet I got a part time job which . . . .kept the wolf from the door!!


I am a happy man.  Guess why, guys . . .when your faith is at an end . . .He helps you to keep on believing!!! (because he doesn`t allow you to be tested beyond your faith)

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