God’s blessings

Happy and healthy New Year wishes to all. I have been praying for patience,and guidance for roughly a year. I just received a job offer that seems to have everything I am in need of. From gelling with my school schedule, to paid vacation and benefits,as well as proximity to the college I attend(right next door).God seems to have blessed me. I truly turned my life over to him,and I began to wait and pray. And now I seem to be in the midst of receiving blessings.My life has been completely changed in the last 3 years. So much pain and loss took place initially. During this time god increased his presence in my life. I am overwhelmed by the grace God has given to me. Through personal and financial ruin god entered my life,and when I finally accepted him,changes took place. It seems so simple in retrospect but I am completely floored by the opportunities Jesus is laying before me once again. The difference is that now I know these blessings are from God. I simply pray that he order my footsteps each day, and that he keep me grounded through humility.

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