God’s provision

I wanted to share some really neat testimonies about God’s power and provision. The LORD WILL provide for those who ask of Him, whatever they need. Even if it’s something we may not think is that important to ask God for (like hot chocolate), He will provide it because He loves us and wants to show us He’s the same today, yesterday, and forever. Here are 4 of my testimonies (and I look forward to sharing many more).

The first testimony I want to share is one that might not seem big to other people but it’s really cool to me. I had a strong craving for hot chocolate weeks ago but there was none in my pantry, so knowing that God was my provider, I asked Him in prayer to send me hot chocolate. A couple weeks passed, no hot chocolate. But then…I went to my mom’s (my parents are divorced and I live with my dad). One day during my stay, as I was helping in the kitchen, my mom says from the pantry, “there’s hot chocolate in here too”. My head quickly turns to her in surprise and all I could do is smile to myself. But at this time I hadn’t yet known I was going to be moving in with her for a couple months. But God knew!! 🙂 I am now living with her and and have my hot chocolate! She has like 5 boxes of it (French Vanilla, Mocha Cappachino, etc). Yum!!!

My next testimony is about giving to others. The church I go to collects canned goods for a food pantry but the food pantry had a real need this year during the holiday season so our church was asking for money for them ($50 would pay for an entire meal for a family) and God had really laid it on my heart to want to give. So I wrote them a check for $100 some time before Thanksgiving. My dad wasn’t too thrilled with that and after he found out I did it and said I didn’t have the money to do that, I kept confessing to him that the Lord is my provider and everything I have belongs to Him. RIGHT after our conversation, I checked my e-mail, and I opened an e-mail message from the job I had been temping for, asking me to start working for them part-time. Praise God!! He not only gave back to me the money I gave away, but He gave to me even more and did this right in front of my dad!!

I wanted to give more money to the food pantry for the Christmas season but my dad told me right away that he wasn’t going to allow me to do it. Well, God is teaching me to be more submissive to him since he’s still my dad and I still live under his roof. So, I decided not to worry about it and just let God take care of it. My dad and I had a few conversations about it, I still confessed God as my provider, etc. Last Saturday rolls around, and I get a holiday card from the family I work for (it’s a small family-owned business) with a 100 dollar bill in it!! Praise the LORD!!! I drove back home that night after work (instead of to my mom’s) and told my dad I was going to give it to the church since God gave me that 100 dollars to give. This time, he didn’t say no or complain. He just kinda smirked and tried to find a natural explanation for it and walked downstairs. So I got to give the 100 that Sunday to the church to give to the food pantry!

One more testimony I would like to share. I gave my only Bible to my unsaved mother, in faith, just trusting that God would provide one for me. The only people who knew I did this was of course my mom and my sister who was with me at the time. A few weeks later, in my Sunday School class, my Sunday School teacher comes up to me and says, “I have a Bible for you”. Praise God!!! She had no idea I needed one but God knew!!!

Praise God!!! He is so faithful and is really preparing me for the days ahead. I challenge you all to ask God for something that you would normally go to the store and buy and just wait, in faith, for Him to give. Or give to others in need, in faith, and see how God will provide!! He will not let you down! He hasn’t let me down!! I have so many more testimonies I would love to share so I will find time to do that over the next few weeks. Maybe next time I’ll focus on God’s healings! Or deliverance! What can’t the Lord do? 🙂

I hope these testimonies will bless you all!! God bless!!


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