God to establish my messy family

I need someone to pray for me. As I write this email, I am in tears.
1.I have been unemployed for the last 5 years beside the fact that I am qualified. every Job offer/contract is being cancelled the last minute. I have been depending on friends and relatives. They are tired and I am fully in debts. I am crying because my son who just turned 12 years told me that most of his friends are aetheist and do not struggle the way we do. He would rather be an an aetheist and get everything he wants rather than pray and be poor. I know I serve a God who is faithful, the God of Elijah. Can someone pray with me.

2. I need my family together. We are always living apart not because we want. My husband was denied USA visa and I had to stay with the kids alone. I joined him in UK and immediately I arrived, his visa was cancelled. This has devasted us and especially the kids. I just need God to establish us. Gods word does not say that families should stay apart. I have refused to accept this.

3. There is spiritual wickedness in my mothers backyard. My brothers and inlaws are involved in very high level of witchcraft. They do not like my presence and have vowed to have me and my family dead. Pray the blood of Jesus to erase all this and that they may get salvation for Gods glory.

What do YOU think?



  1. Addy

    I pray that the lord has provided you with mercy and that you have found some employment. Also that god opens your son’s heart and grants him patience. To be a christian is sometimes to suffer but the lord always finds a way to comfort us perhaps not in material ways but definately in the spiritual. May your life be filled with good health and love for those are things money can never buy.


  2. kimkrys1 says:

    I pray that the Lord shield you and your son. I pray that He hide you in cleft of His rock and under His wings. You are precious in His eyes and He sees all and knows all.

    You son is going through pre teen years and it is tough for him. He sees everyone else and of course it would seem they are having alot more fun and have alot more things than he. I pray his eyes be open to what is really going on behind the scenes because as cool and exciting as it looks on the inside, I am 99% sure those kids are lost, lonely, hurting and need someone to show them the real way. To show them that instant pleasure only lasts …. an instant…. but Godly pleasure lasts more than a life time.

    I will be praying for you and that you and your husband unite again. I can only imagine how hard it is for you. But I tell you, I may not know and no one in this world knows what you are going through, but rest assured there is One who knows all and who has you in His sights. The Lord is aware of you, He is aware of your trials and tribulations.

    I pray that your brothers and in laws be bound and forget about you so that you can find peace again and that a hedge be drawn around you and your son. The Lord is gracious and will protect you.

    Please keep me informed and let me know how you are doing and PLEASE if you want email me I would love to hold you up to the Lord in prayer and stay in touch so that I can continue to pray for what you need.



    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Kim for your prayers. I felt the deliverance as I read each and every word in your prayer. May God motivate this gift in you so that you can touch many more lives. Amen. Addy.

      • kimkrys1 says:

        Addy, I hope you and your family are doing well and that you are victorious by now over what holds you down. Please let me know how things are going!


  3. Timothy Luke says:

    “Father in heaven, those reading this in agreement and I come to you in the name above all name, Jesus Christ, and pray for your power to be made manifest on behalf of Addy and her family. Lord, you see her tears and hear her cries and you know exactly what is going on. Father, we thank you that you are love. In the name of Jesus, I speak to the darkness that has been assigned to destroy Addy and her family from the face of the earth and break the power of it. We renounce all curses and sentences spoken against Addy and her household in the name of Jesus as well and put “return to sender” on them, directing them back to the pit from whence they came. Spirit of division loose this famly and let them go. I break the power of fear and chaos and destruction in Jesus’ name, and I speak peace to your heart sister. Father, have mercy on Addy’s son and deliver him from the lie of the enemy. Help his mom to release him to you and have her peace. Please deliver this family from dependency and debt and the reproach of it. Help her be the mother she desires to be and bring salvation to this family, we pray in Jesus’ name, amen.”

    Addy, thank you for sharing your heart with us. Please, I ask all who read to add your own prayers and Addy keep us posted on your needs and the Lord’s provision for you.

    It is not a sin to be poor or a beggar even. Consider the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man. He was a man without means, yet found riches in Christ beyond this world. It is better to suffer poverty for a season and have abundance for eternity, than the other way around. Do not be shamed in this, but be patient to cast your cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you! May the Lord grant you favor in the eyes of a faithful and generous employer. It is only natural your son would be so tempted. Perhaps you can help him have an eternal perspective. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Ask him to consider where he would like to be in his life one hundred years from now, facing eternity. He needs to factor that in because it is real.

    Thanks, and God bless you and yours,

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