God saved me and my unborn baby from death..left for dead in creek after car accident. A few years later he healed me of deadly pancreatitis.

When I was 18 years old, I was pregnant, involved in a sinful lifestyle and was headed to hell. On dec 12 1996 I was headed to Maysville KY with my live in boyfriend when I stopped to get my mail and forgot to put my seatbelt back on, I had just found out I was pregnant the day before. About 5 miles down the road I turned a corner and put my braked on but the car continued to slide to the right and we tumbled head over heels down a steep hill where my car came to a rest on its top in about 4 feet of icy water. I was limp as a rag doll bouncing around in the car and didn’t hit the steering wheel amazingly.

I did not know this, but 3 mins before I wrecked, someone else did too. He wrecked on the other side of the road on his way to see his wife who had suffered from a concussion after she fell while hanging up christmas lights. My boyfriend left me in the car and took off walking up the road and I tried to get out but I was disoriented and didn’t know what was what…so I prayed in my head “Dear God, I don’t want to die, I want to live and have my baby. Please forgive me of my sins”. My life flashed before my eyes..my mom was in prayer group right at that moment probably praying for me. I thought to myself”I’m pregnant and I’m going to die, and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my mom”.

I decided to stop fighting, and I inhaled the icy water and surprisingly a peace overcame me as I slipped into oblivion. I saw a bright light, I didn’t know who I was, what I was, or where I was but I kept thinking to myself, am I dead, am I going to hell? The light got brighter and brighter but I suddenly came to, everyone said “Thank God!!”. Someone else had stopped and assisted in pulling me out of the backseat of my car….later on the State Highway Patrolman told me that if I’d have kept my seat belt on, I would be dead.

They performed CPR on me and I lost my glasses and couldn’t see much of anything…however, when I was being pulled up the hill on some kind of board, I looked up to the side and in front of the ambulance was a black man staring down at me…he was so clear I could see the whites of his eyes. He was dressed completely in white from head to toe…some unspoken word between us kept me still, that I shouldn’t say anything about what I seen. We continued staring at each other for a few minutes until they loaded me up in the ambulance. I forgot about him soon after.

I had inhaled alot of water, and could only take 1/2 breath at a time, I was shivering violently, and in pain all over. A nurse walked up to me and said “did you know you were pregnant” and I said “YES I’m 6 weeks will the baby be okay?” I was just worried about the baby and making it to work on time…I thought I would be released shortly so I could go on to work as I was afraid of losing my job. They kept poking me and prodding, X rays etc….I kept saying “I can’t breathe” and they insisted all the water was out of my lungs. They gave me a choice to be either transported to either Lexington or Cincinnati by helicopter, I chose Cincinnati so I would be closer to my family.

My belly started swelling and my blood pressure was dropping…apparently during CPR my liver became lacerated as I didn’t hit anything in the car during the accident.. My father stated later on it’s a miracle the spare tire in the back hatch didn’t come up and break my neck…and the top of the car was crushed in nearly all the way. They typed my blood and gave me 2 pints, but my blood pressure kept dropping, I had only cut my elbow while trying to get out of the car so there had to be internal bleeding. I was immediately scheduled for surgery, I would not make it to Cincinnati so the flight was canceled.

They raced me into surgery, and I kept saying I can’t breathe I can’t breathe and finally I could no longer draw a breath as they were strapping me down on the operating table…The last thing I heard before they lost me again “we’ll get that water out” as they were shoving something down my throat.

I woke up in Intensive Care…I wasn’t in pain anymore, but I couldn’t move at all…I was terrified I had become paralyzed but they assured me as I came to that it was a precaution so I wouldn’t rip out any tubes, and I had alot of them. A nurse slowly peeled tape off my eyes and I could see figures walking around the room, the hissing of the life support system and the beating of my heart registered on the machines. I had tubes shoved in every orifice in my body and then some. I immediately remembered I was pregnant before and wondered if I still was but I couldn’t talk or move to ask. Later on my mother said the nurses told them “there will be other babies”.

One of the ICU nurses assured me that babies that early in development are very resilient, and often can survive great catastrophes while in their mother’s womb. This gave me great hope!! I tried to convince them to take me off the breathing machine, as I was constantly fighting it because I needed to cough and I wasn’t able to breath deep enough. After they determined that I could breath on my own, I was taken off the life support and many of my tubes were pulled out so I could then talk and eat.

I had a long road of recovery ahead of me, or so I thought. I violently coughed up blood, glass and grass many times during the day, and I developed a very high fever and that wasn’t good on my unborn child. My legs were weakened from being bedridden and I had to be given many drugs such as Demerol, antibiotics..but the anesthesiologist assured me that the general anesthesia they gave me was for pregnant women…though they were all convinced that I had already lost the baby and it was just a matter of time.

I was in ICU for about 4 days, and was then moved to maternity after making great progress, and then onto a regular room, and was scheduled to be released but after I complained of having pain in my chest while breathing the chest X ray revealed pneumonia in one of my lungs, which I recovered from in 2 days. ON the day I was scheduled to be released, they did an ultrasound…there was my little peanut, heart beating away and perfectly healthy!! He will be 14 years old and is in no way retarded or deformed in any way.

After I was home about a week, the State Highway Patrol came to write me a ticket. How nice of him. Anyway, I suddenly remembered the man in white and I asked “was there a black man entirely dressed in white on the scene of the accident?” He looked at me like I was insane and said very loudly “there were no black men there whatsoever!”. I just left it at that and smiled, and i knew in my heart what i seen. He was an angel and he came in the form of a black man (or maybe God created black angels too?)so I would know, and he would stand out.

The only reminder of my accident is newspaper clippings and a very large scar on my belly. I will never stop proclaiming his goodness to me in sparing my life. I know I would be in heaven right now with my son but apparently there is a greater work in me to be done on this earth and I plan on doing it!!

A couple years later, I began to have severe stomach aches…I couldn’t go to the doctor cuz i was a single mom and no insurance..but I asked God what to do..he showed me in a dream that I shoudl go to the hospital..and I went and trusted him to pay the bill..They said I had pancratitis, and if I’d have waited any longer I would have died…there was no one to rraise my son..I was single and still very ill..and was getting sicker. I was then reminded of my pastor’s miracle healing from leukemia and how he took communion and then started to get better! I called in the Chaplin and we took communion..I was released in 2 days! My large hospital bill was even paid..I have no issues from the pancreatic, i had residual blood sugar problems and was set free 2 years ago from the remainders of that!

I am currently trusting god to heal my nervous system and am seeking people to fast and pray with me that he has a good purpose for my life and will not leave me like this. Find me on Facebook, Ariane Bloom in Ohio. or email me [email protected]

I have been shown many things since this journey started..who my attackers in the spirit are, that I am doing the right thing by taking the word like medicine and getting many people to pray with me and help me take authority over these symptoms. Glory to God for answering my prayer and healing me totally.

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