GOD said…..Be patient…………………

         Life is not so easy as we think. Life is full of surprises. Being a Christian does not give us the assurance that we will not have problems anymore. Yes, brothers and sisters, we will have…….bigger ones….greater ones….The enemy is doing everything it can to destroy us. It is sending it’s greatest fighters for it knows that we are stronger and hard to be defeated.

   When we are on the right path, we know that there is nothing to be afraid of.GOD fights for us. HE shields our ways, HE gives us the best protection,HE gives us the best armor. We easily get distracted by the chaos that’s going on around us
that sometimes,  we forget to look at GOD. HE’s doing everything but
all we do is complain.We may not see it but every problem has a solution or a lesson.Let us pray that HE reveals us HIS great plans. GOD does not put us in a situation HE knows we can’t get out. But HE wants us to do something, put our trust in HIM. Remember the story of Job? of Abraham? GOD let them waited for a very long time, they remained faithful, and the LORD ALMIGHTY   poured them blessings.I am not an exception to those who don’t know what patient is.


      But GOD is faithful. HE promised us that HE will never leave us. Humans often forget what they have promised. But GOD doesn’t. HE knows the right time for everything.(Rom 12:2). We may not get what HE has promised instantly but HE is working on it. HE doesn’t stop working for us, HIS children.HE wants us to learn lessons that we cannot pick up from books or even greatest professors. When we have troubles, it only means that GOD is exposing something to us, it means that there is a gem HE wants us to see. Once we got out of that problem, we would thank GOD for  letting that happen.

           GOD does not have the heart to hurt HIS children. HE hugs us when we cry, smiles at us when we feel sad, HE lift us when we try to reach for something. HE even steps out of the boundary between HIM and humans to show how much HE deeply cares for us. But do we see that? There are times, tribulations cover our eyes and preventing us from seeing the glory of GOD. May we have time to listen to what HE’s trying to tell us. May we hold HIM tight like there is no tomorrow.


We have a gigantic GOD, what is there to be afraid of?



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