God proves his faithfulness

God proved to me how faithful He is

Because you are truly important person in my life,I would like to share with u the incident that caused me to make a complete transformation in my life as far as my religion and faith in God is concerned.It might not sound as though it’s a big deal but to me it really is.Before the particular incident, I wasn’t really concerned about matters concerning my faith but now I take my prayer-life seriously and now have a very personal relationship with God.And I see God at work in all aspects in my life and it is truly a wonderful experience.

The incident: in March 2002, I decided to go home (Zim) after having been away from home for about 3 months. I hate the UK very much so obviously I was excited to go back home. I don’t know if I prayed for my journey or not but I remember that I took it for granted that we’d have a safe journey ,as usual and I would be in Zimbabwe the following day. After travelling for a couple of hours, the plane began experiencing technical problems and started losing pressure(oxygen so to speak). We were unable to breathe for awhile even though we had oxygen masks. I was afraid of dying. I had only just turned 19 and I had my whole life ahead of me.There were so many things that I wanted to do that I hadn’t done before. Even the cabin crew didn’t know what would happen to us and I was shaking uncontrollably. I realized that there wasn’t anyone who could save me besides God. I began to pray continuously asking God to spare my life and to show me how faithful he is. When i was praying, I made a promise to God that if He spared my life I would proclaim His love and faithfulness to His people so that is exactly what I am doing today. If you call to God in times of trouble, He’ll always be there.It’s easy to rely on your friends,yourself and other people when you are faced with minor problems but I assure you that if it’s a matter of life and death and you are actually facing death,the Lord is the only 1 you can turn to because only God knows how we managed to fly back to Gatwick and land safely after spending more than 3 hours with little or closer to no oxygen. All i know is I’m alive today and I’m grateful to God because He proved to me how faithful He is .

This incident really proved to me that God is in charge and no matter how intelligent or rich one might be,the will of the Lord always prevails.TYou might think this is silly or pathetic or u might say “”whatever”” but if or when you become close to dying,you will understand what I’m saying.And why I’ve surrended my life to the Almighty. Some of you might be thinking kuti “”Tino chaiye”” but I’m being for real and God is my witness. I am not perfect but I am doing the best I can because I believe that God has given me a second chance in life.I have also learned to count my blessings everyday and I don’ t take anything for granted.I thank God for everything and if you haven’t seriously surrendered your life to God please do because you really dont know how long you have left.I care about you that is why I am telling you this…

God has been merciful to me (and you) and he is continuing to do wonderful things in my(and your) life so I will praise his holy name till the day that I die.I am sure there’s an incident in your life that made you see that God truly loves you and that he’s forever faithful to those who call on His name,so don’t you think God deserves your praise forever?If u r thinking “” yeh whatever””,I still know that 1 day you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Take care and God bless

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