God lives in you

it seems people do not realize the specialness that they are, none of you would be here if you were not the spirit of God, this has been said over and over by Jesus, the kingdom of God is within you, what stops people from feeling God and hearing God is they can not stay focused on the presence, God is not in your past so don’t keep thinking so much of your past, God is not in the future, God is here and now, stay in the present moment, our mind needs to merge with Gods mind, one way to do this is to sit quiet, this is what Jesus did in the mountains, meditation is having no thoughts, we must empty our minds, this takes much practice and time and devotion after all we are the temple but most people can’t seem to feel him, this is why Jesus aslo spoke of fear, doubt and worry, this puts up blocks, when you have blocks which come from your mind how then can you hear or feel God within you? no choice or decison you make in your life should be of your own doing, dig deep within, if you have an egg in your hand, you crack the shell, you find the goodness within the shell, this is who we are!!! when you pray you must feel that you have received what you pray for, see thoughts, feelings and emotions are the most powerful force, we live our life from these three things, yet they can not be seen nor touched..know that you are not attached to anything, have no resistance to what is, surrender to all in your life, we have so much resistance!!! every tme you meet a new person know that it is meant to be, nothing is by chance and nothing is by luck, learn and listen to each person that you meet, God has many faces, for those who murder, rape and do bad things are those who have lost their mind!! this is the most powerful force in this world, when peter said to Jesus about dying on the cross that he did not want him to do it, Jesus turned to him and said Satan get away from me, can’t you see that most negitive things come from thoughts? we fight against what is to be? look at 911…they had it in their mind to kill…Jesus said he went and prayed with the “spirits” in prison…people can’t seem to grasp his messages, I am digging deeper and deeper on this, all relgion is good, anything to learn about who you truely are, we all look different, we all live in different places, different languages, the interconnection is we are all of one God, who lives in every living thing in this world, from humans, to birds, animals, insects, trees..everything that has life has God within, love thy neighbor as thyself is one of his top commandments, this is why he said this, if you have a neighbor that is negitive or nasty you remove yourself from his life but pray that he finds peace, do not hold onto bad feelings for him/her, send love to them from your heart just knowing who they truely are…is this easy no!! but it is a must, God is here and now, 24/7 not just on sundays and in church, the light comes from the eyes, know that when you see yourself in the mirror this is what God sees, if this world could only grasp the truth….read some books on spirituality, then go back and read some of what Jesus taught…seek and you shall find~janice

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