God is with me

Praise the Lord!My mom married a hindu and I grew up in a mixed culture of christian-hindu mix.But my mother taught us to pray ‘lord make us true christians’.I would read the bible and pray with these words not knowing what they will do in my life.My dad died when i was in my teens ,my mom was supported by my grandad.I was working,not very attactched to my family.Then in the fall of 2002 i fell terminally sick,my family took care of me.I was hospitalised in gorakhpur several times,but the doctors could not diagnose my case.I was taken to another city to a medical research centre in Lucknow; by that time I was half dead..an emaciated version of humanity…not able to digest anything…continuously riddled by needles coz all my veins were blocked due to repeated punctures for giving intravenous fluids to me.I wasn’t able to digest food so I was on fluids for several months.There they did another series of  excruciatingly painful tests on me for several days;my condition was getting worse.I had developed bed sores,my feet were swollen,my skin peeling of,coughing blood coz of a bruised throat,unable to walk, no control over my toilet motions,hysterical and delirious,the doctors said on the verge of a nervous breakdown coz of the continued long illness.I would blast the doctors when they came for checkups…then one day the doctors said ‘we cant save her to my sis ,bro and bro-in -law.I asked the Lord…Jesus ‘is my story over already’…Next day a senior doctor came and said she has allergy from wheat.They stopped wheat in my diet,gave me 32 different kinds of tonics in capsules and my journey to recovery started.My family stood by me prayed for me and I was a transformed person.Lord not only changed my soul he gave me a new skin,new hair everything new…I was really born-again in Christ.As a result of this miracle my mom and my sis became believers in christ…my sis was declared a barren woman..she fasted with me for 21 days and after an year she was gifted by the Lord Jesus with a girl.My family is a living testimony of miracles..My mom cant walk ,I request you all to pray for her healing.Her name is Ruchira and also pray for the salvation of my brother -Anuj and husband-Binu.Please get in touch with me at [email protected]

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