God is so awesome

I have some wonderful news,back in October my second book came out called SUICIDE SPIRIT.Well I have been getting e mails from people around the globe that the book has deeply touched their lives and many are being healed.I have had several people e mail me and let me know their not going to take their life now because the book has really proven to them that they are valuable.See so many people doubt themselves and doubt God but listen I was a very wicked and evil person before I got saved.I used to think all the time about sex,money and power but PRAISE JESUS CHRIST my life means something to day.So if you feel worth less or you feel like life has passed you by dont give up because we serve an awesome God that loves you and as long as you remain humble and walk in a righteous life Jesus Christ is willing to raise you up.So many people say life isnt fair and I realize that but when you start living for Christ and not yourself I do believe you will see a differance in life.Thank Tim

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