God is faithful

I thank the lord for this site.I was a born again christian who had lost God’s way and walked in my own.It was so hard.Yes i used to pray every morning when i woke up and every night before i went to bed but didnt really seek God.I dont go out dancing or even drink alcohol but was just like the other non believers.One day i became desparate for God and was now asking him to find me someone that would marry me,i really prayed and even started fasting.But before all this i went home to my sister who is a believer and asked her if we could fast atleast one day a week for my future husband she said if that is what the holyspirit is saying we will start fasting every wednesday.
i sought God desparately and even decided to fast for the whole week.
I had several dreams of my future husband although i had had these before i continued seeking God every morning while others were asleep ,every hour and every minute.Then one day a friend of mine tells me she had a dream of me wearing a wedding dress.I was soo happy.i have been praying to God now to show my future husband that iam his future wife .I know God has talked to him because he says whatever we ask believing in his name he will provide.Believe me God speaks in dreams,visions and other ways we just have to listen.Please never give up on the lord he really loves us and wants the best for us.Thank you lord for dieing for me a nd saving me.i will forever be greatful.I just hope i have encouraged someone its all for the glory of the lord.I LOVE YOU JESUS.

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