God is amazing

Hello, I am Emily and I am new to this website. This site sounded interesting so I joined it. God has been doing so much for me and my family and I am glad I found a place I can write my testimonies out.

When I was younger I had this dream about Christ coming to me. I was crying in my dream and my grandma who past away was also there in the dream with me. I was really crying and they both told me everything was going to be okay and gave me hugs. I had another dream that same night that Christ had come to me again and He gave me a hug and He said everything will be ok (again) the this time He also said in the dream Christ told me that I was one of His chosen ones. I didn’t know it at the time what it meant so I kept asking people what that meant for years afterward. Since I started reading the Bible in 2010 I now know what He meant. He meant that I was His child.

When I found God in 2010 I was very confused about things something was drawing me away from the things I was trying to hold onto so something told me to go read the Bible. So I went into my bedroom and I was standing there and I was very unsure about it at first so I kept hearing something telling me “Go read the Bible.” so I grabbed the Bible and when I went to read it I found the answers I was looking for. After reading the Bible I begun to pray for forgiveness and that is the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior into my life. After I did I felt a strong presence within me and I felt renewed. Since then I been reading the Bible and praying.

::Answered Prayer 1::

A couple months after I accepted Christ into my life it was in fall time and my mom said that our electric bill was to much and we couldn’t afford paying it because it was to much we were going to be shut off. After my mom said that I was worried about it because we would be freezing in the winter and I went to pray about it to God and as I was praying my mom tried calling other places to see if they could help us. So I continued to pray about it half the day and my mom called the electric company again and tried asking to see if we can get help so we are able to pay the bill, after my mom got off the phone she said someone had already paid the bill for us. I knew that it was God who had answered my prayer and I was so thankful and joyful about it. My mom was so happy to hear that I prayed about it and that God had answered.


That same month is when I started to go to Church. Something told me to go to Church and I insisted that I go so I went with my sister the first couple times and when we started going our other siblings wanted to start going with us. We continue to go to Church now and we are blessed because we made many friends and they are all very friendly, the Church made us feel accepted and comfortable.

::Answered Prayer 2::

Around Christmas time my mom got a call from our aunt she said that our uncle was in the hospital dying. (my moms brother). So my mom went to call our uncle at the hospital and she said he sounded really bad and that she thinks he won’t be able to make it. So when I heard about my uncle my sister and I started to pray for our uncle because he is into drugs and drinking we kept asking God to comfort him and to show him His mercy and forgiveness. My mom called him each day to see how he was doing. The nurse said that he was starting to do good. So that gave me hope and we continued to pray about our uncle and we kept asking God to forgive him. We haven’t seen our uncle in years and we wanted to forfeit our Christmas gifts just to go see him because he lives in a different state. We were determined to go see him but we couldn’t so we continued to pray. My mom called the hospital a few days later and asked how he was doing again and they said he is doing good. So my mom called our uncle and he sounded a lot better and that he said he saw someone holding him with their arms and comforting him. We knew that God had answered our prayers. My mom was so glad that he was able to make it through. He is still in need of prayers because he is in a lot of trouble. So I would love for people to continue to pray for him and that he finds God in his life. His son which is my cousin has found God and I pray that our uncle finds God too.


Since I been into praying a lot more I been having a lot of prayers being answered and God has blessed me. I earned the nickname “Prayer Warrior” by a couple people and I don’t understand why but I am blessed. God has answered other prayers and it’s so amazing how He works through our life. People ask me the question how do I do it, how do I have faith that strong? I don’t understand it myself and I just pray persistently and I don’t give up, although I sometimes want to give up I don’t give up I continue praying. One day one of my friends at Church invited me to go have coffee. So I went and had coffee with her. She told me she thinks I’m a gift to the Church. I don’t know what she meant but all I know is God is with me everyday and I refuse to give up on that hope and faith in God. I been battling this spiritual battle and I ask for prayers I don’t know what it is I’m battling but I haven’t been giving up because I been praying about it. God is amazing. Have a blessed day. May God be with you.

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