God is a Mathematician


The Bible is filled with calculations! I was having a little talk with the Lord tonight about walking in the spirit. I'm doing a seminar and wanted to come up with some practical ways to learn to apply the teaching. The Lord then reminded me about math and word problems. So as I pondered on that more, He showed me that He used math to build the universe. Everything has weights and balances. The word "and" us a math term to add. So I looked up the word "and" in the Bible and found something very interesting. No search results were found, but they had this to say, "And is a very common word so it cannot be displayed." Hmm… another math term? Yes, "common." Do you remember in grade school the question, "What is the common denominator?" In this example, it's the word "and."

When I began looking at the scriptures, and seemed to add two things together. Faith AND Truth. Mercy AND Grace. Receiving AND believing. Faith, Hope AND Love. The Bible is filled with this common little word. I never saw it in this light before.

Frankly, in school I flunked out of math. I couldn't add two nickles that came up to 10 for the life of me! And forget about word problems, sent me into complete state of confusion. Yet, that is my Heavenly Father's mind-set. So that means I can have it too. And as the Lord began showing me all the math problems I do every single day, I was alarmingly and pleasantly surprised! I had been lying to myself all these years saying, "I can't do math!" Who was at the bottom of that? So I repented because I do have the "Mind" of Christ… a mind that can figure out word problems. How many word problems do you figure out in a day? Let's take a look:

Let's say you have to go pick up your kids from school then get groceries and go to the bank and post office within a three-hour time frame. Is that a math equation? Of course it is. We do math all day long, time management.

God said He has given us a "measure" of faith… Math!  He said that we need balance in our lives… Math!  What I do does matter – Math! The Bible says that when we love God, truly love Him, that act of obedience actually blesses 1000 generations after me – Math!

And just look at the Bible itself… it's written using a numbering system; i.e. 2 Peter 2:1.

So now getting back to my original thought of walking in the Spirit. He asked me what some of the fruit is. So I said, "Peace, Love, Patience." And then said, now use that as the "sum" – or the "wanted result" in your life and do some algebra.

____________ + ______________ = Peace

____________ – ______________ = Peace

So I then began thinking what do I need to produce peace? First, I need the power of the Holy Spirit because I cannot muster up anything without His help. The Word says that we can do nothing apart from Him. So that is the first part of the equation. Now what is the second part? That is what I need to do. So, the Holy Spirit plus trusting God produces peace. That word "produce" is a "sum" term that we use as teachers of the Word.

Now how about the subtraction one? The first is the Holy Spirit minus Fear produces peace. So we have a part to play in our wholeness and victorious living. It's not all on God! We are part of His equation. We are part of the answer people!

The Bible says to work our your salvation with fear AND trembling. That means we have a part to play in all this… By understanding our part and applying the Word of Truth to our lives, we will find as we look back over our steps we "were" walking in the Spirit because of the fruit that we have left in our wake. Walking in the spirit isn't going after fruit, it's what comes when we walk in the spirit. Knowing what fruit you want to produce will help you plant the seeds necessary for that harvest— hmm…. again – Math!

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