God is a Mathematician – Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog that talked of the Lord God being the greatest mathematician… the world was founded on weights and balances. And the Word is filled with equations and sums. After writing that one, the Lord gave me more insight and it truly makes a lot more sense.

As I said earlier, we all want to walk in the fruit of the Spirit, but we are not to go after fruit, but go after the one who "gives" us the fruit. So this is the NEW equation chart that I came up with:



Remember, we do not go after fruit, we live the life that produces fruit. And don't forget YOU are part of this equation. The Lord wants us to participate in our own lives, reaping and sowing…

_______________ + ____________________ = Love

_______________ + ____________________ = Joy

_______________ + ____________________ = Peace

_______________ + ____________________ = Long suffering

_______________ + ____________________ = Gentleness

_______________ + ____________________ = Goodness

_______________ + ____________________ = Faith


So as we look at the fruit of the Spirit listed, there are two factors that need to be inserted to develop fruit. Always, Always Always, the first part of the equation is the Godhead. For example, the first one is GOD. Because the Bible says that God is love. And since I need to be part of the equation, what do you think my part is?  It's "receive." Why? Because I have to receive God's love in order to produce love. Now let's look at "joy." Who of the Godhead represents joy? You guessed… The Holy Ghost. Why? Because He is our joy… The Bible says that we have righteousness, peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost… And so then what is our part? Again, it's receive. We need to receive what the Holy Spirit imparts, so we can find true joy. Then let's look at peace…  Jesus is our peace… the Bible says. So with that, Jesus is the first part of the equation, and "receive" again is our part. We have to receive Jesus in our lives in order to have peace produced. Do you see how this works?

So let me share the other answers… now you can come up with your own, but this is what I saw: Long Suffering is Holy Ghost + trials; Gentleness is Jesus + believing; Goodness is God + Believing; and Faith is the Trinity + believing. If you notice there is a lot of receiving and believing going on… and that's what we need to produce any kind of fruit. And of course trials that come to all to help us exercise our faith to see what we are made of!

We need to have trials, believing and receiving in order to exercise what is in us… Cool eh?


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