Is God Illogical?

It is argued that: “Atheists can know that God does not exist with 100% probability if they can show that the concept of God is incoherent or logically inconsistent with states of affairs we do experience, just as you, right now, can know with 100% probability that there are no such things as round squares, or gods that prevent all murders, even though you do not ‘know all things in the Universe.’ ”

I am waiting for the arguments to show that the very idea of God as a Creator of the Universe contains logical contradictions. It seems to me very reasonable to suppose that a Creator exists, since random activity alone does not result in the production of new information (at least that is what information theory tells us). There is lots of order and apparent purpose in the structure of the Universe and in nature. Why should we believe it is only “apparent purpose”? Why is it not reasonable to see it rather as a signpost to a wise and good Creator?

The Bible clearly teaches that some things are impossible to God. For example, it is impossible for God to lie (Hebrews 6:18). I’m sure doubters can add greatly to this list, with questions like: “Can God make a God greater than Himself?” But it proves nothing about the existence of God. All it proves is that any ridiculous doctrine of God we construct by our own minds is describing something which does not exist. The real God however, is not impressed with these vain thoughts.

We come to know God like we come to know our mothers. No baby discovers or knows his mother through the scientific method, or through advanced philosophical reasonings. Philosophers can build a case to make you doubt your own existence. But does anybody care to live as if that idea were true?

Why do rationalists insist on deifing their own reasoning processes? What a changeable god they have! They refuse to believe in a God they can’t see. Yet they have never seen their own brain or thoughts, but how many of them doubt the existence of their own thoughts?

Anyone able to convince me that God does not exist would also be able to convince me, if they so desired, that my mother does not exist. My knowledge and awareness of God’s presence and activity is stronger than my knowledge and awareness of my own mother.

– Michael Fackerell

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