God Has Given You Diplamatic Immunity

Every child of God should know their rights and privledges as a child of God. You have certain rights and privledges but if you don’t know about them you can’t exercise them. You don’t have to accept or tolerate everything the devil sends your way. You don’t have to accept every plaque that comes upon the land. Like the Egyptains and the children of Isreal God said I will put a difference between my people and thy people (Exodus 8:23) that is like the world and the children of God. God has put a difference between you and the world. How did God put a difference between you and the world the same way He did then, by his word. A way I like to say it is God has given you Diplomatic Immunity. When you have Diplomatic Immunity the rulers of the land have no rule over you only it’s citizens. And God has translated you out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of his dear son (Colossians 1:13). You are a citizen of the kingdom of God (Philippians 3:20). You walk this earth but you are in the world but not of the world. You are a Diplomat, you are ambassadors for Christ (2Corinthians 5:20). You have all of the Kingdom of God behind you and his kingdom ruleth over all (Psalms 103:19). So you don’t have to worry about H1N1(Swine Flu) or any other kind of Flu because the Kingdom of God says- No plague will come near you (Psalms 91:10). You don’t have to worry about recession because the Kingdom of God says- you shall be satisfied (Psalms 37:18,19). You don’t have to worry about crime because the Kingdom of God says- his angels have charge over you in all your ways (Psalms 91:11). But what do you have to say, as an ambassador for Christ you have to say as Christ would say and Jesus only spoke the words of his father. With your heart you believe and with the mouth confession is made unto (Romans 10:10). What your kingdom says is forever settled in heaven (Psalms 119:89) now you have to settle it in you. Satan’s kingdom is an inferior kingdom your kingdom rules over all. The devil has no right to do anything to you and when he does he has to deal with your government (kingdom). You have an entire government (kingdom) behind you waiting on you to claim your rights. The devil no longer has rule over you. Exercise your rights.

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