God has a complete sense of Humor!

The Lord has a great sense of Humor. I get so tickled when I read my bible and look at lot of the ways He did things. God can be so funny even while making a serious point. He is the complete opposite of religion. I am so glad He did not make me give up my sense a humor when I came to Jesus, and actually He has allowed my sense of humor to grow at times and over time has revealed to me He has a big sense of humor to. I mean He has to when I consider how long He has put up with me.

Today during my alone time with the Lord I heard God tell me not get angry when someone throws stones at you. I was thinking yes Lord, I know you are right and thinking God did I screw up again and you are about to discipline me. I was thinking back to the last week trying to think if I had gotten angry and figured God was about to show me something I was overlooking and then God took the conversation a completely different direction which He tends to do a lot with me. I think He does it to me sometimes just to prove He is God. Instead of tearing into me God said do you remember what you thought about brother so and so when I first started taking you down the road of deliverance and spiritual warfare. I responded, Yes Lord I remember. I thought he was a absolute Looney Toone and he had totally lost his mind. I thought he was not all that far from people showing up in little white suits to drag him away, then God said you ‘re right. Then God said do you remember what you thought after going to one of his seminars and you figured he knew a little about what he was talking about? I responded not really God. As I began to ponder the question a little longer, I remembered oh yeah. I wondered where I was ever going to find a demonized person to try any of this out on. God said, yes you did and you kept asking Me that question over and over. I kept repeating the answer back to you but back then your ears where not so good Corey. Oh yeah Lord, what did you say? Look in the Mirror! After that I started cracking up. I don’t care who are or where you are in the Lord, that’s funny.

God was not finished with me however and several minutes later I heard God begin to say. I have taught you deliverance, I have began to teach you healing, I have taught you the salvation message to be reviewed in the last days. Yes Lord, and I am so thankful for that. Then without skipping a beat I heard God say you must be 3 times the looney toone he was. I was like yes God your right again as I began to start cracking up again.

Later on this afternoon God had a little more to add to our conversation from earlier in the morning. You know Corey you have always kind of wondered what happened to that man over the years and even after learning about deliverance you have thought he was a little off base. Yes God I know. God said you where right about this man losing his mind but I have never told you so until today. Oh yeah God I knew it! God said not like you are thinking? Okay then God how do you mean it then. God said when I first started to show him deliverance he thought the same thing about the individual he saw walking under that anointing. It was not until he was willing to lose his mind and accept the mind of Christ that I was able to teach him about deliverance, and you where the same way. Both of you where as stubborn and hard headed as Balaam’s donkey, but when you finally saw the flaming sword you got the picture. Wow! I was like Lord you are so right. Anyway that was such a revelation to me.

Hope this blesses you

What do YOU think?



  1. lotuseskimo says:

    I was having problems, but I read finally, wait, or I heard someone else say it, that we are to make war on (agents of darkeness?), ugh, I can’t remember the scripture, I just remember feeling that God asked me to make war on the, well, people who were tormenting me, I have yet to do anything much, war to me was winning when I was kicking a stuffed bag… It was painful when I thought well what do I do? And God waited for me to hear what war was to him, much to my embaressment, with many attemps at threats to them, they knew I wasn’t planning on war.

    I’m so glad to hear what someone has been taught. Really your description of how Jesus made war in another post, to Adam, helped me most. Your second paragraph in your fist post, well, this helped me tremendously.

    K, yay! I have been wanting to tell someone my story of when I knew for definate God had a sense of humour. Me and my fiance met in a homeless shelter, I have schizophrenia, and struggle.. we both have problems, well. We were both introduced to a type of evalgelism on yahoo chat, and were obsessed, we had no money, we had a lingering drinking problem, we started argueing with eachother, and if you had met us, you would think the only time those two are ever going to have problems are if they get arrogant, probley. Well we were argueing, and it was awful, and I decided to go on another of my walks I took then, to a gas station, or walked to my moms house, I was going over our idiotic arguement, and couldn’t draw anything, and thought (looking up a bit) God what do you think?
    And a vision of us with swords in our hands (not fiery) flailing about, knocking into furnature, us franticlly avoiding hitting eachother played…… ‘aaahhhhhhhhh, sword in my hands!’.


    Well, we calmed from that, my unending test of knowing that it is him when he talks with me, is seeing the begining and the end, I have seen more than this now, but this was a test for me I think. Am I going to be obeidient?

    Have you seen the you tube footage of buried giants?

    • yashua777 says:

      hi cheers to you and all my warm feelings

      i hope all goes great for you as this is i believe a sign of great things for you

      be careful to be strong in your faith and to pray for everything

      look for some good ppl to fellowship with and stay close to all good things

      hugs and hugs


  2. warrior daughter says:

    but when you finally saw the flaming sword you got the picture

    That is very interesting for I have seen the flaming sword too…I have also seen the firey arrows pointed and fired at me and it was so real that I actually ducked…..

    • horns4plenty says:

      Your name on this suits you well warrior daughter. If the shoe fits wear it. I pray you will walk under the same power and anointing that David did as it relates to the pulling down of Strongholds, and when you spot a champion or uncircumcised Philistine who chooses to blaspheme God may you never be afraid to call his bluff and then take the fight right to him. Also I pray that you become proficient with all your weapons and don’t ever be afraid to disarm the enemy take there weapons and use them against them for their destruction. War is war.

      Okay, that last statement is probably going to confuse a lot of people so I will explain on using enemies weapons against him. I have been doing spiritual warfare and deliverance what I have learned is Satan and his servants have a sword. The angels of God have a sword, and we also have sword. Does any one know what the difference between the swords is? Here is a hint. All three swords are flaming. All three swords are double edged. Here is the answer. There is no difference. The sword is the Word of God. Did you guys know that Satan himself can in no such way shape or form violate the Word of God. So how does Satan come against us? He walks about seeking whom he may devour. In other words Satan waits for us to disobey God’s word then that opens a door for him to use the word against us as a curse. There is no curse that Satan can bring against you that God did not give him permission to do. He is nothing more than a tool in the hands of God that the Lord uses to spank our bottoms, test our hearts, and burn up the hay wood and stubble in our lives. You start reading the curses in Deuteronomy and you will find that there is nothing new under the Son operating today in peoples lives that was not listed there. That’s why Satan and the demons know the word so well. It is their weapon against us. I have seen demons finish A scripture I started quoting to them when coming against them. I have had many Christians say to me that my Jesus. would not let the Devil hurt me. I am a blood bought sanctified, redeemed with a price, child of God. You might want to check you Jesus. Because God has never changed and He it makes it perfectly clear that the wrath of God comes on the sons of disobedience. Well I have had Christians say just because God wrath is on me because He is mad at me for messing up does not mean He brings a curse against me, besides I am the righteousness of God. Not if you are walking in or practicing sin. Don’t try and tell me that. My question to them is do you even know what the Anger of the Lord is? I usually get all kinds of weird answers so let me show you real quick right out of your bible what the wrath of God or angerof the Lord is. Turn to 2 Samuel 24:1. By the way I am reading out of the New American Standard translation. :1; Now again the anger of the Lord burned against Israel and it incited David to go up and number Israel, and if you remember the story here God did not want David to number Israel and had specifically told David not to do it. When David went out and numbered Israel this made God very angry and He killed 70,000 people because David chose to rebel against God and go number the people, but right here it says the anger of the Lord made David go number Israel. It kind of looks like God is double minded here. Don’t go number Israel and then the anger of the Lord says go number Israel. Why would God go confuse David like that and get all those innocent people killed. It does not make any sense to me. Okay I am going to show you what happened over in 1 Chronicles 21:1. It is telling this same story again.:1; Then Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number Israel. Okay so who caused David to go number Israel? Satan. So we can conclude from the anger of the Lord and Satan are the same thing. This ought to open up a lot of the scriptures for you. When you do a word study on the wrath of God, the anger of the Lord, and Satan you will see it is all saying the same thing.

      Anyway, eventually I want to post what the Lord has taught me about spiritual warfare but It is going to take a great deal of time. If I added up every post I have made from my blogs to my comments so far here and multiplied that times 5 that is about how much time it would take me and brothers and sisters that is a lot time. I think I am suppose to talk about the Salvation to be revealed in the last days first. A true biblical perspective of salvation; not what I think salvation is but what the word of God says salvation is. It is so wild, that sense my father first started preaching the salvation message the Lord gave him, it is not uncommon that every single member of the church will walk the aisle to get saved, or resaved, including the pastor, the praise and worship team, ect. It does not usually matter the denomination. We always preach salvation first before addressing any deliverance or healing issues. Did everyone know that the word of God is of know private interpretation.

      Anyway I am by far not the brightest bulb in the outlet, so if God can teach me how to preach salvation, heal the sick, cast out devils, and declare the favorable year of the Lord then He can teach anybody. Especially those who have many more talents and gifts than someone simple like me.

      God Bless you all

    • yashua777 says:

      wow thats the thing these days visions & dreams

      please keep safe

      stay secure with GOD

      any prayer you need please let me know


  3. horns4plenty says:

    Salvation to be revealed in the last days not reviewed. Silly me. I wish my fingers could keep up with my thoughts! Everytime I sit down and start typing on this thing; I feel like I am clucking like an old hen.

    Have a sanctified evening everyone!

    • lookinforacity says:

      Here is a little trick I learned, after taking a lot of time writing something one day, I had a glitch happen, thereby loosing the whole thing. From that point on I have written an E-mail. In doing this I have a copy of it if I want to file it, I have spell check, and I proofread it before I post, making sure I haven’t left out words, or put (REVIEWED instead of REVEALED) see what I mean. Hope this might help you out. Also you wont lose things like I did that day.

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