God DOES heal amputees

Some atheists, when confronted with reports of various kinds concerning the miraculous healings which happen from time to time in the name of Jesus, mockingly ask the question:

"Why won't God heal amputees?"


This question is supposed to silence the believer.  Is it that God is UNWILLING to heal amputees, or is it that He is UNABLE?  If we say He is unwilling, doesn't this throw into doubt God's love for these people? If we say He is unable, then it doesn't reflect well on an omnipotent God. We believe that God can do anything, right? So then: how does God work in the world, if He works at all?

In fact, the problem is never with God, it is with us. God works according to His own plans. There is an element of God's Sovereignty involved, there is also an element of FAITH.

In my own experience, as I have prayed for the sick, there have been times when miracles have happened. I have seen deaf ears open and mutes speak. I have seen broken bones instantly healed and plaster casts taken off so people can walk. But there have also been times I have prayed and laid hands on people and nothing has happened – at least nothing we could see. What was the difference?

I believe the difference could be due to many factors. We cannot give a dogmatic answer for exactly why things don't happen in each and every case. In some cases, it could be a lack of faith. Please don't get all upset about this. The fact is: often people do not believe God will do what they are asking for. They fully expect nothing to happen when they pray. This is not faith.

Its not just about believing a doctrine that says that God heals or God can do anything. It is more actually believing that God is going to do something right now in response to prayer. if you don't think anything will happen NOW, then you are only HOPING for a result in the future. This is not faith. Faith believes that something happens now, even if it can't be seen immediately.

Other reasons have to do with the  degree to which God has decided to move in a place in response to the earnest prayers of His people. We need more than faith. Sometimes we also need the presence of God in a very tangible, conscious way to be with us.

I have seen miracles, but I have never seen amputees get their limbs back. That doesn't mean it never happens, or never happened.

In fact, these kind of miracles happened during the mighty Azusa Street revival in California under the ministry of William Seymour, a black preacher, in the early years of the 20th century. At least one case exists of a man whose arm had been lost in an accident, who received a whole new arm. Likewise, a leg was restored. People reported missing fingers grew back. I refer you to the book: "Azusa Street: They told me their stories" by Tom Welchel.

It is also reported that a man received a new leg under the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth.

These things happened in the 20th century. I am sure they have also happened in this 21st century, I just don't know exactly where.

Great and extraordinary miracles tend to take place in locations of God's choosing. Azusa St was one such place. God sovereignly visited that place for a period of a number of years. It birthed the Pentecostal movement which has touched hundreds of millions of people powerfully to the present age. 

If you are a skeptic with no heart for the truth, then just go and do as you please. You probably won't get anything from God. But if you really care to know, you need to find the places in the world where God is moving strongest, GO THERE YOURSELF, and check it out.

God does not usually reveal Himself cheaply. Sometimes, you have to make an effort. Most people won't do that. So they are confirmed in their unbelief. But what you refuse to know about CAN HURT YOU. You can be DESTROYED for lack of knowledge. Ignorance can be a condition of the heart, and you can pay a heavy price for ignorance.







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