God can heal sexual abuse.

When I was young I suffered minor abuse and one serious sexual abuse at the hands of my father. Later at the age of thirteen after a fair ground had closed for the night I became the victim to a multiple rape. For many in society any form of sexual abuse is a subject that stays hidden and others show great courage in bringing it out into the open so that it may be dealt with. The men that raped me were all sent to prison but for me the pain, humiliation and shame, the deep scars physically and emotionally remained for some time. When I became a Christian the healing that came to my soul came over a period of time as I grew to know who Jesus was. Very soon after my conversion I went to my father and on and off over years I gave my father the opportunity to say sorry or make his peace with me. He never did. However, God showed me that I needed to forgive him even if his own reaction to me was not nice, I needed to forgive and in doing so I would experience freedom. I still pray for my father, I still do not understand how any parent can do that to their own child, but I did realize that I was to overcome evil with good and to be at peace in my own heart, I after all was not responsible for his immorality. Due to being on the streets at a young age I was vulnerable and went through some nightmarish experiences. The good news is whether justice is served or not on the earth, justice will be served by God in heaven, and while as a Christian I live on this earth, I know that any pain that is carried in the soul by experiences that felt like hell can be healed by God when we trust him in his own time to heal us. Only a loving heavenly Father who knows all our needs before we ask him can heal our wounded souls. We cannot cover over the cracks of suffering with medicine or counselling, we need the power of love to heal and cleanse from within. Don’t take me wrong, I am in fact a qualified counsellor and sometimes talking is a very helpful and necessary tool to start a recovery process, but our greatest counsellor is the Holy Spirit and surrender to God. If you have known abuse in your own life and have yet to divulge it, may I encourage you to talk to someone, and if you believe in God let me say without any doubt, God can and will heal you until there is no longer even a scar left. God Bless and may the peace of God be with you.

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