Globalist Agendas, World Government and the Spirit of AntiChrist

For those with eyes to see, who realise that certain agendas are being pushed by the masters of spin to shape public opinion, it is very clear today that a globalist agenda for a world government is being pushed.

We have European Union leaders trying to form a Federal Superstate – with or without the consent of the people.

A North American Union consisting of the USA, Canada and Mexico is being pushed.

All of a sudden we are hearing about the “African Union”. These continental unions are also making steps to link together to form a kind of Global Planetary Government, built on anti-Christ principles. The leaders of these global elites do not recognise that Jesus is Lord of all. Thinking to become the lords of humanity, they themselves have become slaves of Satan, whose agenda is to fool mankind into rebelling against a loving Creator and Savior, to their ETERNAL destruction.

An honest evaluation of the state of global politics should enable us to understand the truth of the statement in the Bible “the whole world lies in the power of the evil One” (1 John 5:19).

Globalist Agendas, World Government and the Spirit of AntiChrist has moved here.

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