getting to know God

Hello everyone.

I have several questions that I am really having to a hard time understanding.

First of all some background information about myself to better understand where I am coming from. I was raised Catholic. Now I dont do all things that a Catholic by definition should do, but none the less the thing is that I belive in God. Now reading more of the bible, I am faced with many questions. I know that Jesus Christ gave up his life for ours and in having done so there should be no religion God and Christ are not religions but our Saviour. So my questions are the following:

1.IS it wrong to be Catholic in the sense that Catholics also believe in saints?

2.In church when the priests speaks he says Christians I always thought Christianity to be another religion, how then would being Catholic be a bad thing if it is?

3.Where do you know is okay to worship Christ? Whats the difference between an Evangelical Christian and a Christian?

Please I am really trying to understand and I mean no offense.

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