means Fully Rely On God. my brothers and sisters, do you have any idea about this? to be honest it sounds insulting. because one of my friends on facebook asks are you FROG? and then when he tells like “amen” he rather respond as the sound of the frog.

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  1. new creature says:

    Dear friend, let me ask these questions: Are you glad to be a child of the Almighty God? Are you glad that He is your Father. Are you glad to be a joint heir with Jesus Christ, the Son of God?
    If so, why don’t you spell out God’s name?
    The apostles of Jesus after they were filled with the Holy Spirit did not cease to boldly declare the name of Jesus Christ their Lord and their God.
    I know it’s neat to have these kinds of codes, etc. But unless God Himself has told you to use those letters, I would highly recommend that you just ‘say’ His name, and then if people will laugh at you they will do so because you have not been ashamed to speak/write His name.
    As for myself, I make it a point as much as possible to identify this God that I follow by saying the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus. I want people to hear His wonderful and matchless saving name. But I also want them to see that my life is consistent to what I say. Peace to you in Jesus Christ

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