Freedom from pornography and self gratification

Hey fellow christians… I wanna tell you one thing before i start, i dont really know how to write a testimony, but i will tell you my story so far…


I have been a christian my whole life, even though i havent lived too long, I’m 16.

I started as a 12 year old “experimenting and exploring” my body, and used to masturbate alot. And when i got older it had become a habit. And when i was 15 i started to watch a little porn. I did not watch it alot, but maybe once a month or so. I hid it very well for my parents as i wouldnt let them know i watched it.

After a while it became a little more often. I wouldnt say that i got deep into it, but i was starting to get addicted to it. I tried many times quitting, and it worked for a while, but in the end i allways got back into it.

I prayed to God for help, and as i said, it worked for a while but i got back into it.

I did not try to quit masturbating, because i have been raised and teached that masturbating is not a sin, but a tool etc.

But in the Bible it says that you shall not have lustfull thoughts about someone, and try not have that when you’re doing it…

It’s sin…

And when i began a new school year on a school in the city, and i had to move into my own appartment i started for real watching porn. I watched it every night for a while, and then one night i just couldnt bare it. I had to change this.


I went to this site for help, and i think God led me to a link on this cite leading to one called

I read through a prewiev of the course, and i signed up at once. It is a 60 day course helping you connect with God and get rid of the porn and self gratification(masturbating).


I have to be honest and say that i am still in this course, i have not completed it yet, and the reason that i am telling you guys about this is because i want to tell you how amazing God is, and tell you about my progress. I have around 30 days left in the course, though i have to admit that i havent read the days lesson every day because of internet issues etc, but i have been free from porn for over a month now. It also have a daily portion of Bible verses that i read every night.

The last month i have changed, i have actually changed in my personality.. I have God with me in my everyday life, and it is GOOD!!!

So… i wanna tell everyone that struggles with the same problems as i… go to this site:

Sign up and start the course. It have changed me with God’s help, and it can help you to.

What do YOU think?



  1. allnjesus says:

    great testimony!! Thank you Jesus!! too many people have this addiction but few confess it (to Jesus) so that Jesus can then defeat the spirit that is driving the individual; the worm that keeps turning-satanic spirits holding fast the chains. Confession is made unto salvation= no matter what it is we need ‘saved/delivered’ from.

  2. nomoreevil says:

    Was in your shoes not to long ago. Tried for almost a decade to stop, but it was only for a couple weeks max. Check out my testimony on this site at the following link:

    Porn controlled my life. Rather, the evil one used porn to control me. But Jesus used love to save me and bless me all the days of my new life. Amen.

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